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i'm back! some updates

i was in the dominican republic for a bachelorette party - so much fun and just the right amount of relaxing...i feel so rejuvenated!

i'm at 20 weeks (as of yesterday) and baby is doing great!  big u/s next thursday w/my parents AND my in-laws - so excited for that and hoping we will stay on Team Green, though i'm sure the pressure will be great!  LOL

looks like my dad might be here through the end of the year, which is more than we were expecting, so we have decided not to cancel our thanksgiving trip to NJ, which means we can go through with our surprise Jersey Boys night in NYC with TJ's family.  my dad can't travel, so they won't be there which really sucks, but at least we'll get to do something really nice and fun with TJ's family and get to spend christmas at home with my family.  so happy about that.

my brother and his wife are trying to reconcile....though it is very hard for them right now.  her family is not being supportive of their relationship and have told matt he isn't welcome to spend thanksgiving with them, so please keep them in your prayers as well.

yes, i'm going to do elfster and OMG BECKY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

anything else that i missed??


Re: i'm back! some updates

  • Glad to hear that you had fun in the DR and that all is well with baby S :) Good luck staying on team green with all of the grandparents around ;)

    That's awesome news about your dad and YAY for being able to do the NJ trip AND have Christmas with your family!

    I wish your brother and his wife the best of luck in their reconciliation. I'm sorry her family isn't being so kind to your brother :(

  • Sounds like things will be good for the holidays.  I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Welcome back! Sounds like you had just what you needed in the DR!

    And I'm glad things seem to be climbing back up a little for you. 

  • Yay for 20 weeks and other things!

    Are you feeling baby sharpie move yet?

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  • Sounds like things are getting a little better for you.  That makes me happy. :) 
  • Awww, yeah for Jen! I'm glad to hear things are getting better for you. Good news for your family indeed.

    However, we demand BELLY pics, baby sharpie where you at? I bet TJ is already looking for Phillies baby onesies!

    As always, I have your family in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo


    |My Food Blog|

  • I'm glad you will get to keep your holiday plans. Sorry about your SIL family. So sad when families treat ILs so poorly!!!!
  • 20 Weeks!! Wow! We are going to need a new belly pic from you! So excited for the big U/S. Here's my last plea... please find out! LOL

    Great news about your dad! It's good that you will be able to spend the holidays with him even if he can't be there for all of the plans.

    I am a bit confused as to why your SILs family is all mad at your bro. Isn't she the one who had an affair? Sorry but she doesn't sound like good people to me. She better straighen up adn fly right or Bethie is going to have to kick her in the shins. My prayers are with your brother.


    Glad to hear that everything is going well!


  • Meg - i'm not sure if i've felt baby sharpie yet...i have felt a flutter in the top of my stomach...but isn't the baby from the belly button down?  my doc said it could be teh baby or i'm just feeling different things b/c my intestines are in a different spot!  :)

    gerrie, the reason why her family is mad is that apparently my brother lost his temper...there was a broken coffee table and some holes in walls.  they think he is irrational and violent, and don't want to be around him. 

    it sucks :(

  • oh and 20 week pics will be uploaded soon!  i've definitely popped!  :) but now i'm OK with not getting any bigger LOL
  • Be strong Jen!! Stay on Team Green!!!! ;)

    You're halfway done, and it will fly by!  Glad you had a good time in DR and I hope your SIL begs for forgivness and sees what a terrible mistake she made.

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  • Thanks for the updates, sounds like the holidays will be good for you!

    Holy Crap how are you 20 weeks already!!

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  • Glad you're back and the baby is doing well. When do you find out the sex?

     I'm so excited about your Jersey Boys night! I think that is going to be so much fun.  

    Is your bro and wife getting counseling? I hope so. I don't remember the details but I'm all for marriage so I hope they work it out.

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