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Why is it...

The minute you get married people think your pregnant?  I was talking to my coworkers at lunch and saying that I had pain in my groin which I do.  Of course, immediate diagnosis, pregnancy...  Nope, just had AF a couple weeks ago and we are using gloves so.... nope....
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Re: Why is it...

  • my mom told my sister a month ago she thought i was pg because i was being a b&tch.

    Thanks, mom. 

  • I never tell anyone when my stomach is upset, because I don't want people saying that I'm pg.  Seriously people, I did not get married to breed.
  • The other day my mom told me I looked nice. Almost immediately my dad said, "It is because she is pregnant" I was like, Thanks. 


    My parents are crazy! 

  • Funny:

    My sister was sick to her stomach one morning and mentioned it when she talked to Mom that day. Mom asked if she was pregnant and she said "NO! Why does everyone ask that?" A few days later, she told me that her hands were swelling, and she couldn't wear her wedding rings that day. Since I had just gotten married, I didn't ask, but thought that she was probably pregnant.

    Turns out, she was pregnant, she just didn't know it until she was 9 weeks.

    I'm not saying you are. I just thought it was funny that she was complaining about everyone thinking she was pregnant just because she's married now, and then she actually was pregnant. Smile

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  • image jhdance111:

    my mom told my sister a month ago she thought i was pg because i was being a b&tch.

    Thanks, mom. 

    ha! then i must be pregnant bc i've been b!tchy all week ;)

  • image jhdance111:

    my mom told my sister a month ago she thought i was pg because i was being a b&tch.

    Thanks, mom. 

    That made me laugh. Sorry Jackie that I thought it was funny. :)

    For two weeks straight, I was nauseous and not holding anything down. Everyone in my office thought I was pg - it went so far as my boss pulling me aside and asking me [which was mortifying]. Because I just had a baby, everyone expects me to get pg again. Yeah - no. Not until next year, kthx.

    I'm learning not to say anything when I don't feel well, either - and if I don't feel well and someone notices, I just say JJ kept me up all night.

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  • OMG, no one waited until I was married to ask that. It honestly never bothered me anyway.
  • We get that one all the time.  DH went to his Dr's office today, and that was the 1st thing they asked him.....not sorry you're not feeling well.
  • Whenever I'm not feeling well my boss will whisper and ask if I'm pg. Lol
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  • Doesn't it kinda make you want to be all snarky?

    you: blah. ate too much at that all you can eat seafood place at lunch. my stomach is upset.

    mom: your stomach is upset? are you pregnant?

    you: no. but while we are on the subject, mom, I noticed your boobs were deflating and sagging. Are you menopausal? How is that going for you? Are you excited about hot flashing?

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