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Were my guests dumb?

Wow, apologize for the post-whoredom today.

It's now coming out in the open that SEVERAL of my guests completely missed little things at the wedding that I think would have been obvious.

1. The I Do Letters. This was a last minute addition, so whatever. But a few of my friends tried to figure out why we had the number "100" on the cake table and what it could stand for. :(  Another example of things completely overdone on the Knot, but not seen by most of your guests before.

2.  Our favors. Now this I'm really pissed about since it was the ONLY unique idea I had about the wedding. If you remember, I created a custom label in our colors for our A&W cream soda bottles. A&W are our initials. Here's what the front looked like. It says "Since 2009" above the A&W.


At least five people told me they didn't get it and thought we must really like cream soda. 

Was there anything about your wedding you're now learning people didn't "get"? 



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Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12

Re: Were my guests dumb?

  • Confused I don't get the 100 on the cake table
  • They didn't get the A&W thing? Really? Wow. Sad

    We had a ton of people ask why we had a laptop stacked up on books sitting on a table. I was like, uh, it's the groom's cake? I mean, it was realistic but COME ON people. 

  • In fairness, the D wasn't very squared off.


    I know, KB! I still don't get it. OUR NAMES WERE RIGHT UNDERNEATH!!

    image image
    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
  • Ok the "100" I could kinda understand.  The A&W thing thats just dumb and should have been obvious.  I dont think there was anything like that at our wedding except several people didnt get our flower monogram including the reception manager who hung each letter about 4 feet apart, probably leading to the confusion.  In the church, a few people were like J&T?  whats that?


  • Our guests didn't understand our guest platter that they were supposed to sign. C asked the bandleader to announce it and then there was a big line during the reception to sign it and I thought it was a bit annoying.

     I'm not sure how many people got the cake topper (or even looked at it).

    I think there were some other things but I can't remember right now.

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  • We had our cake the square middle of the reception hall as a focal point.  It has 5 tiers, so it was pretty big...and we had the regular cutting of the cake and toasts and such.

    Afterward, multiple guests told me they liked how we didn't have a cake and just did a candy buffet for favors.  Others told me they didn't notice the candy buffet. you literally had to walk around it to exit. How you do miss a giant table with 15 huge jars of candy? and a 5 tier cake??

  • wow, I am now REALLY glad we didn't do favors, or a cake topper, or the I DO letters...

    I can't believe your guests didn't get the A&W thing!  That was so cool!  I was totally jealous b/c I couldn't think of anything similarly creative to do.

    Things people are still talking about: the cake - they don't remember what it looked like, but they go on and on about how good it tasted (which, yay! because I wasn't thrilled with the execution of the design). The nacho bar at 10:30pm (which was a total afterthought we added because we weren't going to make the catering minimum)... people that left early are all kinds of regretful that they missed it, based purely on what other guests said about it. The band and their slightly crazy manager/guitarist.  The music was great, the guy was just super hyper, and people can't believe I didn't meet him in person until the reception started. The view from the reception hall window.

    They did not notice that although my programs said "the flowers on the piano are in memory of..."  there were no flowers on the piano. This is actually the only thing I was regretful about.

    I think a lot of them missed the photo guestbook, or just didn't sign it, but ultimately there are signatures on every page, so whatever.  People loved my bouquet, but didn't notice (or aren't talking about) the fugly centerpieces.

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