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Hunting (long)

Based on the "owning a gun" thread and kaylynne's post about hunting, I just wanted to sound off a little bit.  I'll start off by saying that I've never hunted and honestly don't think I ever could shoot an animal unless it was to save a person's life or one of my pet's lives.  But my DH and his family are all big hunters, and after talking to him extensively about hunting, I am not completely opposed to it as I used to be.

I think legal hunting is actually quite necessary.  The DOW gives out a certain number of permits per type of animal based on research of the herd populations in that area.  There needs to be a control on the numbers, because as we start populating certain areas, wild animals lose their natural habitat.  If hunters are not able to size down the herds, many animals will suffer slow deaths starving because of the lack of food.  Responsible hunters are able to kill an animal instantly, instead of having it starve to death or freeze to death.  While it's sad that an animal dies, there isn't any stopping urbanization of areas, so herds will constantly be fighting to survive.

The real reason I wanted to bring this up is because kaylynne mentioned that there are grocery stores available for meat, but in a previous sentence had mentioned that hunting rendered the animals defenseless against a human with a gun.  Animals raised for meat in a grocery store are also completely defenseless, often living their entire lives in disgusting conditions.  Their last moments of life are, I'm sure, sheer terror.  Filing one by one into the slaughterhouse, through man-made contraptions with foreign sounds all around.  During the slaughtering, many animals don't die right away and are left to suffer.  Two weekends ago, DH shot an elk during elk season.  He used one shot only, the animal died immediately, and never saw it coming.  He died in his natural environment, there was no terror before his death, and he never felt a thing.

Using grocery store meat as an excuse to be against hunting is ignorant in my opinion.  It's easy to see a couple of filets wrapped in plastic and forget that it was a living, breathing animal.  From the one elk that DH shot, we have enough meat to last us almost an entire year.  I agree that there are some hunters who are reckless and do it for their own enjoyment, but many are doing it to help out the animals just as much as, if not more, than for sport.  To summarize, I think an animal that dies by the hand of a hunter dies a much more respectful, peaceful death than an animal that dies by the hand of a slaughterhouse worker.

This isn't a personal attack on you, kaylynne, as I know quite a few people who say the same thing.  But I just wanted to share my thoughts on it.  If anyone else wants to discuss, please feel free!

Re: Hunting (long)

  • I try not to think about where the meat comes from...hunting or grocery store.  I am happy that M does not hunt, but I have family members that do. 

    I completely agree with your concept that grocery store meat is no better than hunted meat.  No matter what, an animal gets killed.  Maybe I should be a vegetarian.

    I refuse to eat veal b/c I know the horrible conditions that calves are put in.

  • So, today might be the day I get into it.  I'm really going to try not to, because my story is long, but I think you raise some interesting points and, before I say anything else, I want to make it clear that I agree with you: I believe animal hunting is different from any other kind of gun use (to go back to the previous post, not the part about grocery stores).  Animal hunting, with gun or not, is our history of food-getting.  And I think you make a good point about the ways in which it can be cruelty free.

    I just know that I could never shoot anything.  I don't eat meat, though it doesn't happen to be for that reason.  But I did love In Defense of Food.  If I were going to eat meat, I certainly think do-it-yourself is the best way to go.  Even just considering all the hormones in beef.  Disgusting.

  • I am in a very similar situation as you. I was not brought up in a hunting culture at all. Meaning absolutely no one in my family hunts--on either side. It was very foreign to me. Of course I end up with like the country boy outdoorsman of the universe. He absolutely loves it. But he likes just being out in the woods more than anything. He has gone 'hunting' 3 times so far this year but hasn't killed anything yet. He just enjoys being out there. But I will say he is an animal lover and very respectful of the deer he kills. He stocks up his mom, aunts, uncles and grandma's freezers with it and it does literally last an entire year.

    I know his ex GF went hunting with him and even shot deer with him, but I just don't think I could do it.

    I also hate to think about the way we get meat and I know I am hypocritical when it comes to this issue because I absolutely love to eat it. I do agree though that I think hunting is more humane in general than slaughterhouses. ?

    I think in the back of my head though I will always think of Bambi! :(

    Although they only shoot bucks, still to me, it's very sad.?

  • I'm definitely guilty of the "I dont want to think about how it gets to the grocery store" or I would be a vegetarian.  I dont think hunting is bad -- it is necessary to an extent but I could never do it, nor would I want DH too.  I remember a time when I was 10 at my bf's house and we were having a BBQ, they raised cattle and when her dad asked me if I wanted some "buttercup" (can't remember the real name) for dinner, I started bawling when I realized what had happened and refused to eat meat for about a year.  

     I didnt grow up with hunting and although I grew up in the country where a lot of people did it and dated several guys who did, I preferred not to think about it.  I can't get over thinking about the living animal that someone named (in the case of small farm cattle/calves) or pigs, or Bambi or whatever image goes through my head.

    At least my meat at the grocery store is anonymous to me.  That animal was raised solely for the purpose of consumption - somehow that justifies it for me.

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