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Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges

Okay, this is probably a really silly post, but I had heard such rave reviews of the laughing cow cheese, so I bought a "wheel" of it a few days ago. On the package, it said "Refrigerate after opening." I left it on my counter. Today my mom saw it and said "Oh, I always thought that had to be in the fridge!" Do any of you keep it at room temp? I also had one of the foil wrapped wedges in my desk for a day or two--- I was assuming that until you opened that little foil wrapper around the individual wedge, they were okay out of the fridge. I just want to make sure I don't give myself food poisoning!! Thanks!

Re: Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges

  • hmmm good question.  I would think that the foil seal has to be broken before you have to refrigerate it.  B/C I don't think the cardboard outer container really does much on its own.  KWIM?

    Along the same lines...I have ALWAYS refrigerated our ketchup.  But the other day DH was saying how he doesn't like his ketchup cold...and why don't the restaurants refrigerate theirs?  Sure enough, nowhere on the bottle does it say it needs to be refrigerated.  lol

  • I refrigerate mine. It came from the cooler at HyVee, so to bring it to room temperature and then chill it again will probably encourage some sort of bacteria growth. Think of it as cream cheese - bring it to room temp when you want to use it, but refrigerate it otherwise.

    That said, I LURVE that stuff. I just bought some French Onion stuff last night.

  • The display I bought mine from was NOT refrigerated.
  • Huh. Well, I suppose you're okay then. I'm anal, so I'd probably stick mine in the fridge - I can't say that I like room-temperature cheese.
  • I refridgerate mine since I find it in the cooler section at the grocery store
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