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This is Halloween...

I dont think we talked about it and if we have sorry in advance but who is doing what for Halloween? Any one dressing up, if so as what?


This will be my first time dressing up since I was a kid. I've had like cat ears, devil horns but not full blown dress up. So I am so excited for Halloween this year.

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Re: This is Halloween...

  • We're going to see my Goddaughter be Tinkerbell for her VERY FIRST EVER Halloween (I'm only a little excited)...and then going to a friends house for a "laid back" party (not really dress up) and while the boys are doing their thing, the ladies are passing out candy.

     Super excited for you- what are you dressing up as?

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  • We will be up in Phoenix this year for Isabella's first Halloween.  =) 

    My best friend Bridge throws the best Halloween parties every year.  This year, she is having it on Friday so that those with kiddos (which now includes me!) will not have to miss her party to be with their kids trick or treating.  =)

    So, we will go to her party on Friday.  I'm dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood this year.  =)

    On Halloween, we are going to be "those parents" who take their six month old baby out trick-or-treating.  lol  She is going to be Tinkerbell though.  And I have to show her off.  =)  My confession is that I did not want to go out trick or treating with a baby because I would feel ridiculous (Ray and I don't even really care about the candy - I just want lots of strangers to ooooh and aaaah over my baby...  hehe).  So, we are going trick or treating with my aunt who has two young kids so that I don't feel like a dork taking her out.  =)  (And Jenn is coming by too)  hehe

    We are going out early (before it gets dark), and probably not for very long, since Isabella will need to eat and get to bed by like 7 or 7:30.  After that, we will likely help my mom pass out candy.

  • I am dressing up as Alice from Alice and Wonderland of course. I am not doing a blonde wig though.

     I would so go tirck or treating with my baby. my nephew was 4 months and  he went trick or treating, well my sister did lol. He was a baby Shrek. So cute. 

    I want to see pictures of Tinkerbell  

    The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~St. Augustine
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  • We have a couple parties to go to! One on friday and on Saturday. I have to work saturday and wont get hom til like 530 or so... My sis and her hub is coming over with my neice Olivia (she is 6 mo old) to help pass out candy.

    After the trick or treating dies down we are going to the other party...which I amy have drama to report on Monday we shall see... (the girl who introduced DH and I and eventually dropped out of the wedding and stopped beig our friend is reportedly coming to that party...)

    Last night I went to my friends house and she helped me make DH and I's costumes!!! Well, I cut out the pattern and she sewed them, LOL. We are going as Fred and Wilma Flinstone :)

  • i dressed up for a party this past weekend. i havn't done the whole dress up thing in a long time too but i went as lady gaga
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    Agent---OMG so cute. I hope to see pictures.
    JJ4ever---Any pictures? if not what did you do to look like her?
    Oh yeah and DH might be 3 Hole Punch version of Jim
    The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~St. Augustine
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  • Yes--Everyone needs to take pics!

    DS is apparently 'too old' for everything so he's passing out candy while we take the ladies trick-or-treating.  Dd1 is being a giraffe (though I have a sleeping beauty waiting in the wings if she changes her mind) and dd2 is being a fat little bug/butterfly-so cute!  This is the week of our church rummage sale, so I scored an awesome polyester pantsuit I will be sporting.  DH is not game for my dress up plans :P 

  • I wanna dress up! I'm bummed that we don't know of any parties to go to.... :( We have some friends coming over for dinner, and we'll probably just hang out, play some games and drink while we hand out candy. Nothing too exciting....
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  • I'm boring and never dress up. D is being the cutest dragon I've ever seen. It's seriously so cute I was dying. Jess also let us use her caterpillar costume so we will take some pics in that as well! (if it fits him!!)
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  • I know I'm coming in to this late...but we're going to dress up and go to a work friends party (I'm good friends with a lot of the girls I work with).  I'm going to be a sorceress (don't know if I spelled that right!) and I think DH is going to be a "college party girl".  It is the most hilarious/ridiculous costume...I will definitely post a pic after the fact!
  • YES - Post photos - I love Halloween.  

    We dressed up for the Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom when we were in Orlando earlier this month, but we're laying low this weekend - no real plans other than friends in town visiting.

    We went as the Peter Pan unit: friends of ours were Wendy & John, and their baby boy was Michael. DH went as Hook, I went as TigerLily and a friend of ours was Pan. Our Tink was "to scale" (an ornament) because the only decent wig I could find was $80 + shipping. Wink

    My husband made a Jolly Roger facade for the stroller, lit it up with LED lights - yes, the hubs went ALL out. I'll try to attach a photo or two (I hope this works and they're not enormous)...







  • Yikes, they're huge! SORRY!
  • Oh sister!  Those are awesome!  Love that Jolly Roger!  You all look great!  Great!
  • That is awesome.
    The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~St. Augustine
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  • LOVE the Peter Pan pictures!!  So cool!!

    And stroller!!  That's awesome!

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