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Long time no nest!

Hey everyone!  I have been MIA for a while.....and I miss all my nestie "friends"!  How has everyone been?? 

*Happy Holidays*

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Re: Long time no nest!

  • Hey girl!  I've been doing pretty good. As you can see it's still dead here, which is a shame. 

    Siggy coming soon....
  • Hey! Pretty good. I am rarely on here or the bump. Work is so busy!
  • how are you heather... :)

    this place= :(

  • I mostly lurk and not even frequently anymore. Good to see you.
  • I'm around every now and then. I have been absolutely SLAMMED with school.  I wish this board would pick up, I miss talking with everyone.  How have things been with you?
    Can't believe our little guy is on his way to 2!


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  • Hi there friend! I'm mostly on the book board now. A bunch of us are participating in nanowrimo this month, so it's pretty exciting! (hence the sig)
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  • I feel like I haven't been here in forever, either.  I get the feed on my reader because I thought I'd be more involved that way, but it really just makes it easier to lurk.  Hope everyone's doing well!
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