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sneaker recommendation for running


I wanted to purchase a new pair of smeakers for running and was wondering what everyone uses.  I was thinking about purchasing the Nike shocks but they are $100 and I wasn't sure if they were worth it.  I also thought about purchasing the under armour sneaks but did not want to fall for a gimmick.  Does anyone have these sneakers and what do you think.  Also what else would you recommend?  Thanks for your help. By the way I am just getting into running and by no means consider myself a pro.

Re: sneaker recommendation for running

  • It's really hard to recommend running shoes to someone as we all have different feet. You need to go to a running specialty store where they can watch you run and then determine the appropriate shoe for your foot.?
  • It's important to get properly fitted by a running shoe store because you don't know if you need a neutral shoe, or whether you over or under pronate, which would mean that you need either regular stability or max stability shoe.  The right shoe will compensate for your foot/running style, which will end up giving you a more comfortable run and hopefully help prevent or at least alleviate any pains in your knees, back, etc.  This, IMO, is the single most important thing to consider when starting running because running in the wrong shoes can make it a painful experience for you and could possibly give you injuries. 

    Snail's Pace and Roadrunner Sports (and similar stores, I think Fleet Feet is another) shouldn't charge for testing you.  I've found their prices to be the same, and Roadrunner has coupons that come out sometimes.  What you could also do is go and get tested and fitted (which is free) and then price shop online to see if you can find the shoes somewhere else for cheaper.  I did this and got a pair off Amazon for $30 cheaper! 

    The good thing is that if you buy it from one of the running shops, they typically have a money back guarantee for about 60 days so you can return them if you don't end up liking them.  To me that's pretty worth it rather than saving $10 to $20 for shoes you're stuck with from buying online.

  • I would suggest as has been done, to go to a store that specializes in running and get evaluated and find out what shoes are best for you. I wore shox when I first started out and ended up with plantar fasciatis and other sore feet problems. They are cute but you need shoes that are healthy for YOUR feet :-) GL
  • I got my feet "fitted" at a dept store (like D!cks, but different) which is NOT recommended here, but it happened to turn out good for me. Next time I'll go to a more local specialty store.

    Anyway, I went in with my old tennis shoes, and the socks I run in and told them what I was looking for and the price range of what I was willing to spend. I love the shoes I got!

    ~~run.around.aroo: The Life of the Wannabe Runner that Lives Inside Me~~
  • Go get fitted at a specialty running store. They will help you determine what style/brand are right for your body and gait, etc. Asics are my favorites; New Balance make my knees ache.


  • Ditto all the pp's.  Stay away from D!ck's, Big 5, Footlocker...those types of places.  Most of the running shops you should consider are small, local and run by runners.  There's some info in my bio, but it's similar to what everyone else has said.  Shoes are the most important - and probably the most expensive - thing you will buy if you want to run.  Running in the wrong pair can seriously hurt you...and I don't mean just sore feet for a couple of could have some serious injuries.
    Damn you Nest for screwing up my siggy!

    .: Diary of a Recovering Runner :.

  • I actually just got fitted on Saturday for the first time.  I was driving and I saw a new running store had just gone in, so I got excited and stopped b/c there are none around here.  Well I went in and told the guy that I was currently running in a pair of Nikes (that I got at Lady Footlocker), and he said he felt sorry for me!

    He said that Nike, Adidas and even Pumas are mainly just for looks, and that most of them do not offer as much cushioning or support as other specialty running brands.  So I tried on some Pearl Izumis and a pair of Etonics that felt good.  They're getting Mizunos in soon, so I'm going to go back and try those on, and also Saucony's.  He said New Balance is a good brand as well.

    So anyway, just to repeat what everyone else said, get fitted :)

  • Ehhh...I'm kinda disagreeing w/pp about Nikes though.  My shoe guy said that in the past he would have recommended against them (and I swore I'd never run in another pair after I spent a month laying on the couch w/a knee injury b/c of Nike), but he also said that they've made a lot of changes and are becoming a better brand.  In fact, after months and months and months of looking for the right shoe for me (I've bought, tried and returned at least six pairs of shoes) Nike is the one that works.


    In short, trust your shoe guys to know what they're talking about, but don't be afraid to take 'em back if they're not working for you after a couple of weeks.  And keep an open mind when you I said, I swore off NIke...and there were other shoes that were so ugly I would have rather worn the shoe box they came in....but you need to try and block all that out.

    Damn you Nest for screwing up my siggy!

    .: Diary of a Recovering Runner :.

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