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I Know it's Sunday but......

It is so slow in here.  It is a long weekend and some of us are no doubt worried about hurricanes.  I am so bored.  I have been PMSing forever and just want my period to come already.  No, I am NOT pregnant.  Everyone/everything is pissing me off and all I want to do is eat.  If I am still bored in an hour at least one of my guilty pleasures is on TV.  (Bridezillas)  So, thanks for letting me vent.  Do you have a television guilty pleasure? 

Re: I Know it's Sunday but......

  • Indeed I do: Mad Men.

     AMC is in the midst of running a 5 hour marathon; they are showing all of the Season 2 episodes today.

     Positively fascinating. They're up for 16 Emmy Awards.


  • Why do I know nothing about "Mad Men?"  I guess I should check it out.  I also love "Snapped" and there is a "Snapped" marathon tonight.
  • I have way too many guilty pleasures on tv nowadays:

    * Bridezillas

    * Tori & Dean

    * Gossip Girl (my sister just netflix'd season one)?

    - It's all my sister's fault ... ever since she's moved in with me, I've been watching more and more trash. But that will prob dwindle now that I'm back to work and grad school after summer vacation. ?

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  • My H and I love The First 48 and Intervention on A&E. 

    I love Bridezillas, too.  I'm so glad they don't say "Bbbaaahhh-RIDE-zillas!" at every commercial break anymore. 

  • I forgot about Tori & Dean.  I am not really into The First 48 but love Intervention.  I have way too many television guilty pleasures.
  • I have a lot of them.

    Project Runway(I have gotten DH to watch it too!)?

  • I like Project Runway but don't make a point to watch.  It's cool that your DH will watch.
  • I love Iron Chef America, and pretty much anything with Alton Brown.?

    Reruns of Charmed always suck me in. And DH and I both get a kick out of Spongebob Squarepants. :)?


    DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
  • I don't watch much tv when I'm by myself, but when DH is around we snuggle and watch Myth Busters and Jon & Kate plus 8 and How It's Made.  Hmmm. I haven't reviewed our TiVo since he left months ago.  I should do that!
    Twin boys due 7/25/12
  • Ojo, DH and I LOVE How It's Made. We've watched so many episodes of it thanks to Tivo, that now when we see/use something we saw, we'll look at each other fake-thoughtfully and say something like, "...and now we know How It Is Made!"

    Did you ever see the one with the chick hatchery? That was the best!

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