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FBoFW readers *spoilers*

Anyone else think that today's comic was just ... weird? Like she ended the strip with a jab at her ex-husband? And while I like Iris, I was a bit let down that she, a relative newcomer to the strip, had the last word. Hrm.

Curious to see what Monday brings. My enthusiasm has been waning for about six months -- I have a feeling the new "back to the beginning" format won't help. Sad

Re: FBoFW readers *spoilers*

  • No, I didn't take it that way. I thought it was a really sweet ending, w/ Iris giving the newlyweds advice, and basically saying, "It all works out when you love someone enough to promise to stand by them forever, no matter what." I was kind of surprised that Iris had the last would, not John and Elly.

    The Sunday strip tells you what happens to the main characters.  It's a nice ending.

  • I agree about the point about Iris being the last one to speak but I liked the message "for better or for worse" being said and it being the title of the strip.
  • My local newspaper + the Washington Post won't be carrying the strip in their print editions. The Post says it will be online.  Just another thing to have to remember to check. I haven't been that excited about the recent strips - the ones that have gone back to Michael & Elizabeth's childhood, so I am not feeling good about what's to come. 
  • I thought today's strip was ok - a little disappointing, but I like how it ended with 'For Better or For Worse."  I wonder if my paper will print the comics FBOFW anymore.  I don't know if I'll like mix of old and new.  I wasn't interested at all when the strips went back to their younger years.

  • what did we think of the Sunday one? i liked the peek into the future

  • I thought today's comic was really good....a very nice ending to the strip.  Makes me sad it's ending!

  • I liked Sunday's strip. It was a great way to wrap it up.  Monday's wasn't too bad either. 
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