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Have any of you ladies ever tried taking Probiotics?  I was up at Vitamin Cottage today and one of the employees suggested them to me for my sinus issues.  I'm just wondering if anyone knows if they are pretty safe to take.



Re: Probiotics?

  • Ethan was having digestive issues recently and his ped told me to get some. They have really helped so far and it fixed his problem overnight.
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  • DH took probiotics for a while to help with his colitis/crohn's disease. I have never really heard of them being used for anything other than digestive issues as their main function is to create good bacteria in the gut. Maybe by creating good bacteria in the stomach, it will stimulate the growth of good bacteria throughout the body?

    It definitely can't hurt, probiotics are good for you either way.?

  • I've never heard about taking them for sinus issues but they are great. The Adopholis Pearls are great and super easy to take - if you prefer liquid, there is a good BlueBonnett blueberry drink type thing that's good too. They are super good for digestive and overall health issues.

    Good luck!

    PS - If you have sinus issues, h ave you looked into a neti pot? They work wonders!

  • I've never heard them recommended for anything other than stuff related to digestion. I had to take a course of antibiotics not long after DD was born, and a lactation consultant recommended I take acidophilus so that she and I both kept up a supply of good bacteria. Especially since she was just developing the stuff in her gut, the antibiotics could have really thrown her off, I guess.?

    But if BFing mamas can have it, I'd say it's probably pretty darn safe! :)?


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  • Thanks ladies!  They sound pretty safe so I think that i'm going to go ahead and give them a shot!

    Trust me, I have tried everything under the sun, including Neil Med which is just like a Nedi Pot but thanks!

    I went up to VC to get some Oregano Oil which is supposed to be like a natural antibiotic with sinus issues.  But when I asked for help, the man at Vitamin Cottage said he was a retired physician and said I should try these Probiotics with the Oregano Oil.  Apparantly the combo of them both helps kill fungus (which is usually the cause of sinus probs when multiple rounds of antibiotics don't help).  Anyway, I figure it's worth a shot.  Smile


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