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sh*t sh*t sh*t

I just washed my cell phone, along with the whites.  My H is gonna KILL me because thsi will be the 3rd phone I have busted in 8 months.  I am on a cell phone streak.  SH**********T!!!!!!!!!!

Please tell me someone else has done this and that after it dries out it will work perfectly.   Please.

And, um, will someone remember that I would like my dogs to go to my MIL if I am murdered and he is in jail??  Thanks!


Re: sh*t sh*t sh*t

  • oh ashlee i'm so sorry!!!!  my brother left my boombox out in the rain and it dried out and worked fine -- does that help?! 
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  • I cannot tell a lie- Its not going to come back to life.

    I too have awful luck with phones and water. Do you have handset insurance? I dropped my phone into a sink full of dishwater a few months ago and killed it- handset insurance covered it and all I had to pay was $50

  • The worst part of this story is...

    I also washed $150 cash in the laundry.  H noticed I was doing laundry and freaked and fished for it and is currently air drying it.  But he was so nice about it and didn't get upset with me at all for not checking pockets.  If I tell him my cell was in there also he might really flip.  He is doing his damndest to hold it together right now.

    I just want to crawl under a rock right now.  Ugh

  • Ohhhhh I'm sooo sorry!! :(  That is so something I would do.  I'm awful about checking pockets and always find all sorts of stuff in the dryer.  And DH always gets frustrated about it too :(  I dropped my phone in the toilet once and I'm sorry to say it never came back to life.  Left Hug


  • Ok, I am logging off - placing my cell phone under a window, praying that the wind does some magic, and in the mean time - treating my h sooo good that IF and when I have to tell him I screwed another cell phone he will be so happy with me he won't care.  I realize its not the strongest stance I could take, but hell, whatever keeps me out of trouble.  Wish me luck :)
  • I dropped my phone in a gallon of paint once.  I rinsed it quickly to get the paint off, took everything apart and took a hairdryer to it and it did come back to life.  The display was never the same as the yellow paint got in to it (we were painting our helipad, which is why it was bright yellow paint), but it worked just fine.  It received just a short bath, not a prolonged washing, though...
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  • My cell phone got washed after my bachelorette party, and it dried out fine.  That was two years ago and I still have the same phone.  What worked for me was to take the battery out right away, and dry the case with a hair dryer.  I think we might have also put it in the oven for a short while.  The key is to make sure it is thoroughly dried out before attempting to turn it on.  I didn't turn my on for 36 to 48 hours. HTH and GL.

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  • My sister washed her Razr and yes, it did actually function once it dried out.?

    But I believe she had some problems with the screen afterwards, though--I don't remember exactly what. I know that she lived with it for awhile, but ultimately did end up replacing it. ?

    Sorry. There may be some hope, but probably not much. (:(?


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  • Put it in a bowl of rice. I got thrown into a pool once and I did that and It still works!!
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  • Can I second your sentiment?  Willis set his bubble blower right next to my phone earlier, and it leaked bubble soap into my phone.  Now if I try to turn it on it does the Close Encounters kind of flashing and beeping.
    Waiting for some innocuous creativity... I'll let you know.
  • I am so sorry.  I did that to mine too a few years ago and no, it didn't work after it was dry.....sorry.
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