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Fencing backyard

We are going to fence our backyard. Both neighbors on either side have fences...DH insists that when we fence ours, we just connect to their sides and fence the open sides. But I feel weird about doing that without talking to the neighbors first...I have no experience with this, is this normal? Any input?

If it makes a difference, HOA requires all the fences to be the same, so it's going to be the same fence on all sides.  

Re: Fencing backyard

  • Just let your neighbors know, that if it's ok with them, you would like to complete the fence (and if you have a pet or kids, that's your reason)
  • I know where we live we have to ask the neighbors since butting a fence to a fence may mean someone else is stepping on or over the property line.  In our situation, the neighbors are about 5 inches in from the line, so if we put in a fence next to theirs we would be going over our line. 
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  • We did that (PIB- actually, there's a whole "backyard" section). We were outside taking measurements one day and the neighbor came out and was like "feel free to add onto ours"- which was exactly what we were going to ask him!

    It's more asthetically pleasing (rather than having two fences about 6 inches apart!), but I would definitely run it past them first.  GL!

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  • Okay I'm glad you all think it's smart to ask first. One more question- the neighbors on the left are moved in and settled, but the house on the other side JUST went under contract and we need to get the fence done in the next two weeks. So...should we just ask the person selling the home even though it won't be theirs soon? We could contact them through the realtor...I know I'm way overthinking this, I just don't want to make anyone mad before we even move in, haha.
  • hmm, thats a toughie! ?Can you contact the buyer's realtor, just to let them know you are doing it?
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