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OK, gimme your opinions.

My mom is a beautiful woman.  She's about 5'6", blonde hair (which she colors, but hey, who doesn't), and a trim body she works on but has also had assistance with in the way of cosmetic surgery (tummy tuck, face lift, and boob jobs - mostly to reduce and make symmetrical).  She is 52 years old.

She showed up this evening to pick up Willis after having gone to a BBQ (I think work affiliated).  She had on a pair of white shorts that would've shown her butt cheeks if they were a centimeter shorter, and a halter top with a plunging neckline.  I honestly wonder if she would've worn that if her husband wasn't working and had accompanied her today.  But her m/o is typically to dress like she's in her late 20s instead of like a grandmother in her 50s.

Now, I am ALL for dressing attractively even when you're older, and especially if you have a nice body that you've either bought or worked for... but honestly, I'm now almost hoping she moves to Houston!  I'm worried enough about instilling a healthy self-esteem into Willis and then Georgia, and I seriously think my job will be a lot tougher when she veers so constantly toward the more, shall we say, risque side of the clothing spectrum.  Hell, I see teen girls nowadays wearing stuff as tight and as revealing as she had on tonight, and I wonder where their moms are when they're walking out the door into the general public!  And yet MY mother dresses like that on a constant basis.  Even in my best physical shape, I don't think I'd ever wear something like what she had on tonight unless I was going out clubbing with DH.

Am I overreacting?  Am I being too "mommyish" with my own mother?

Waiting for some innocuous creativity... I'll let you know.

Re: OK, gimme your opinions.

  • I wouldn't wear something like that outside the bedroom, so I don't think you're over-reacting. 
  • My mom used to be a nun... and is notorious for wearing your typical "mom clothes" from places like Talbots and Coldwater Creek. So really, I can't even imagine. If my mom wore something like that, I think I'd be more thrown because it's just not like her. But it would also make me slightly uncomfortable.


  • I don't think you are overreacting either. My mom is the same age and the closest she comes to that is the very occasional plunging neckline when she goes out with her girlfriends (she is single).

    I think the last time I wore something like that was when in my early 20s. I think it is very possible to be sexy without being over any age.

    My beautiful girls: Hadley 9.28.06, Emmerson 11.29.08 and Pilar 2.07.11, born premature at 33.3 weeks.
  • I dont think you are overreacting in feeling a certain way but its really none of anyones business what she wears either. My mom dresses way more revealing than I ever have and although Im not really a fan, its not my place to tell a grown woman what she should/shouldnt be wearing.
  • Is your mom's attire bisarre?  Yup.  But I think you can negate any impact on your kids with a few well placed comments and your own example, so I wouldn't worry too much.
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