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We've decided...

to evacuate afterall.  We're headed for Florida until Thursday.  Let's hope Hanna doesn't decide to come over and ruin the party!  At least we will be with family who are also evacuating.  We had to find a pet sitter near our hotel and will meet up with her tomorrow to drop our kitties off.  I started a blog (link below) to keep up with our "adventure."  Wish us luck!
FWIW, I still think this is stupid!  I am totally masking my anxiety by continuing to say that tho and I realize that.  I wouldn't say I'm scared, we've done this all our lives, but I am pissed off beyond belief... I mean jesus, we have not even been living back in our redone home for one year!  Ugh...  we havea  mobile connect card for our notebook so I will be on and off when I'm bored and stuck in contraflow traffic.  Ha!  Thanks for listening, and you ladies have a good holiday!!  :)

Re: We've decided...

  • good luck! stay safe. i'd hate to be out of my home until thursday. what's happens work-wise? does everything just close? or do you have to take leave. ha! my boss would make us take leave... ugh. so you're in a hotel? or with family? i'm confused. was it hard to find a hotel room available?
    Me:39 Dx LPD, Fibroid, AMA and all that goes with that. H:37 Dx low motility and low morphology. TTC since 3/12. Clomid 8/12 and 9/12: BFN. 11/12 on a break for Myomectomy sched. 11/26. Resume TTC early 2013.
  • Hey there fellow evacuatee (is that a word?)  We made it in Thursday night to my mom's in Mississippi and guess we'll stay put til everything blows over.  H is super anxious too (born and raised in New Orleans) but keeping himself busy with doing with home repairs on mom's house (Lord knows there's enough). 


    Maryland, yeah pretty well things close up

  • good luck and stay safe!!!!
  • Work wise?  Like good said, everything just closes up.  It becomes a ghost town.  I stayed here when hurricane Ivan came pretty close, and around noon my mom and I went out to find an open grocery - the streets were literally empty.  Verrrry freaky.  It was the same even two - three weeks after Katrina.  It's a very strange feeling to be out in broad daylight and not see anyone.  It kinda depends on the employer tho, as far as pay.  Some make you take PTO, some allow you to just go without pay, some actually pay you.  Both of my jobs are part time, so I don't expect pay.  When Katrina hit, I was full-time, and the hospital I worked for paid us two weeks of pay no questions.  I guess we'll see this time around.
    Right now, still at home.  Packing up the truck with stuff we don't want to lose (important papers, pictures, electronic media, etc), securing household items (i.e. placing the legs of furniture either in or on buckets to raise them or keep water out, packing keepsakes in rubbermaid bins and putting them up high, taking some things off the walls, picking up everything off of the floor), picking up stuff out in the yards.
    We have a suite booked at a hotel in Pensacola Beach (the only thing they had left... but hell, I'll live it up for a few days!!) that we are splitting with J's sister and her husband and BIL, and MIL.  SIL booked the room earlier today when we all deicded we needed to leave -- I was very surprised she was able to get it.  I was checking Orbitz at the same time tho and everything there was booked.  We planned on leaving tomorrow early morning, but we are suddenly very anxious to just get the heck out.  We'll see.
  • thanks for the insights nola (and good). having never been through anything like that, i just have no idea what all goes on. besides scary, it just sounds like such a pain! i have a leaky basement and i know the damage that water can do on a small scale, nothing like you have had to live through. you poor things. i'll be thinking of you!
    Me:39 Dx LPD, Fibroid, AMA and all that goes with that. H:37 Dx low motility and low morphology. TTC since 3/12. Clomid 8/12 and 9/12: BFN. 11/12 on a break for Myomectomy sched. 11/26. Resume TTC early 2013.
  • I send my thoughts, prayers and best wishes your way!
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  • Good Luck I hope it all goes smoothly and you can get back home soon.
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