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Yay for another week!

How was your weekend? What do you have going on this week?

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  • I was exhausted all weekend. Tongue Tied

    Fri: nap, dinner with an old friend, another nap, karaoke

    Sat: Lazy couch day all day

    Sun: Wedding dress shopping with SIL (I have never done this with anyone but myself), Halloween shopping, lazy couch day

    This week I don't have a lot going on, which is a relief because last week was insane. (Probably why I was so exhausted)

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  • Friday night--got some awesome news, went over a friends for a spontaneous wine and lobster celebration

    Saturday--errands, found a location of my favorite Utah bagel shop in Irvine (whee!), and caught up on my DVR

    Sunday--brunch and coffee with friends and lots of studying

    This week there's a ton going on at work, but I am still in a super good mood Yes Yes

  • Friday: crazy running around getting for my parents, DVR

    Saturday: pick up the old folks, errands, Weezer! Really incredible concert.

    Sunday: went to the swap meet with my parents, dinner at home

    This week: more dinners, etc, with my parents. Also, I will probably have to buy a new phone. I had a bad accident this morning with my pop and my Blackberry, and it looks like it's seeped into the screen and I can't see anything anymore.


  • Friday: Felt lazy and ordered in dinner from Lucille's.

    Saturday: Community service event with the fraternity at Santa Claus Inc. 20 Costco pizzas for approx. 118 people worked out perfectly. :-) Spent the afternoon napping and the evening watching tv.

    Sunday: High winds = me in allergy hell. Spent the day mostly indoors, trying to decongest.


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  • i had the most awesome weekend, i loved it.

    saturday:  sad attempt at being ANTM for a fabulous photographer, and then a fantastically girly art exhibit and tea.  so. much. fun.

    sunday:  church and then a fun sunday drive down to malibu.  watched the bean go from squeamish to sandy.  capped off with tater tot casserole.

    it was such a good weekend.

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  • Fri: Cleaning, reading, and Halloween costume shopping

    Sat: Lazy day...nothing productive at all unless you count catching up on my DVR and knocking back a bottle of pinot noir.

    Sun: Took the Princess costume shopping. Got into several arguments. Settled on her being Batgirl instead of Hermione because apparently Gryffindor robes are itchy. Wrestled with myself over whether or not I should sell her to the first person who asked. Went to a birthday party for one year old twins. Contemplated ending my own life due to the noise level.

    Nothing abnormal this week, just the usual plus Halloween which I am counting the minutes until it's over.

    Oh and for those who read The Handmaid's Tale, I saw the movie this weekend and the whole wife holding onto the handmaid while babymaking is just as skeevy as I visualized it. 

  • Friday: Got kicked off jury duty (yay!), spent the night hanging out at home relaxing

    Saturday: Laundry, cleared out some dvr stuff, a little sewing then a really fun lowkey birthday party for a friend. Hung out with several other married couples that are friends of friends and they were so nice and funny. I laughed so hard I cried multiple times. Yes

    Sunday: Lazy morning at home then headed to the Rosebowl for U2 around 3pm. SO many people, but the concert was fabulous!! :D

    I'm dragging this morning (big shocker) and have a pretty full week.

  • I'm exhausted today.

    Saturday- I cleaned/ prepped for daughter's party, went to a funeral then the reception afterward.

    Sunday- My daughter's 2nd birthday party. Throwing a party is always a ton of work. It was a good time but glad its over. Next year I'm taking her to Sea World or something instead of a party.

    This week is the usual with my daughter's actual birthday Friday, but we'll keep it low key. Then trick-or-treating on Saturday. 

  • Weekend was great.  Dinners out and lunch with an old friend.  Got in the longest run I've had since October 2008 yesterday so I'm hurting really bad today.  Massage.

    This week will be busy but I'm trying to be positive about it.  =/

  • Friday: Awesome lunch & mall roaming with S & Z. Dinner with my guys later that night with the fussy baby.
    Saturday: Trip out to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter - semi-adopt two dogs (for us), helped rescue place two more. Came home, adopted our our foster poodle. Couples dinner later that night full of awkward turtle.
    Sunday: Fought off the early stages of mastitis, slept in until 2pm. Went to Tanka Farms Pumpkin Patch.

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  • Weekend was busy.  Cooked Polish food with the fam, dinner & drinks with old friends, baby shower - I need an extra day to relax. 

    This week will be busy. At the very least, I hope to carve a couple pumpkins and find a costume for the kid.

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  • Happy Monday!

    Good weekend - lots of family & friend time and a good sushi dinner. :)

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  • fri: finally saw slumdog millionaire.  better late than never!

    sat: grocery shopping, cooking, baby shower, beer drinking with neighbors

    sun: more cooking, some baking, some cleaning, tried to go to some oktoberfest thing but we got there too late.  oops.

    this week: not a whole lot.  just how I like it.

    merry everything!

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  • Friday: A fun mommy date with a cute little peanut and her momma. Ran a few errands, then had pizza with MH.

    Sat: Sushi happy hour with my two Z's. Tons of laundry. Zara slept a good part of the day and was pretty much up from 10 pm on saturday until 10 am on sunday.

    sunday: Weekly trip to Starbucks, a long walk to put the babe to sleep, laundry, blah blah boring stuff.  

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  • Ugh to it being monday already, this wkend was too short!

    Fri vegged then walked to the HS to watch part of their homecoming game

    Sat cleaned out the garage, worked on some holiday card templates for some clients (cant believe im already starting on that when its not even halloween already!) and watched Wolverine which was meh

    Sun vegged, finished up holiday cards, cleaned up DVR

    This wk not looking forward to work in LA on Wed and hope this wk goes by faster than last!

  • Happy Monday.

    Friday - Dinner party with friends

    Saturday- Got my hair did, and went out to dinner with DH

    Sunday - Stayed in bed all day because I'm having a hard time sleeping comfortably.

    Today, I have another u/s in an hour. Yay, for seeing Jelly Bean again! The teaching week should be a breeze since we're benchmark testing all week. 

  • Super fun costume contest on Saturday. It was at a warehouse with all kinds of fun decorations, food and drink. And a stripper pole. It was hilarious.

    Sunday Funday in Downtown Fullerton, always good.

    Today SO and I are recovering and catching up on DVR

    This week I'm hoping will get over quickly so we can move on to Halloween!

  • You ladies are busy! I forgot how boring my life is now. 

    Friday- sat at home watching tv

    Saturday- did wedding stuff with my sister.

    Sunday- met with a life insurance agent, then decorated for Halloween.  

  • Lunch at Umami Burger with friends.
    Cousin's wedding.
    Hanging out at sports bar with friends.

    Now I am sick.

  • Feel better, Weemz...

    Friday: Dinner out with D and Legally Blonde. :D

    Saturday: Went to Ventura for birthday time with my mom, Art Walk downtown, awesome lunch and dinner, out with a couple of friends, speeding ticket (boo...)

    Sunday: saw my dad and my cat, shopping, then late night Greg Laswell concert in LA (beyond awesome)

    This week I'm going to NYC for work/play from Wednesday-Monday.  Can't wait.

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