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Not particularly bummed about Midnight Sun

I started reading it on her site...and lost interest halfway. I honestly didn't find it as good as story from his perspective as it was from Bella's. Bella's character wasn't nearly as interesting, in my opinion, in Midnight Sun. I almost find it okay that she might not finish it.

 Okay so I may be in the minority. :D Feel free to hate me.

Re: Not particularly bummed about Midnight Sun

  • You are certainly entitled to your own opinion!  Smile 

    I really liked it b/c it gives a lot more insight into Edward's thoughts.  I liked seeing why he did or said things...

  • I'd have to echo just what PP said.  I'm still hoping that she gets over the whole mess and finishes what she started (and promised fans many, many times).  I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but then I've been Team Edward all along.
  • image VickieLan:

     Okay so I may be in the minority. :D Feel free to hate me.

    Just because we don't agree doesn't mean we will hate you!

    You are actually the first person I have heard say anything less than positive about it, though. Smile

    image image image
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  • I haven't read the download yet, but I have to admit I've never been especially excited about MS either, despite loving all of the other books in the Twilight series (Breaking Dawn included).

    I think its mostly because I feel like we've already heard the story but also because what has been leaked so far is raw and unedited.  I think there is a reason authors write second and third and fourth drafts and have good editors.  Part of me wants to wait until its in a more finished form (if it ever is now).


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  • I wasn't a bad story cuz yeah, I liked Twilight lol. I just felt like it was milking the cash cow a bit. Maybe I like my men to be mysterious in these kinds of books lol. I didn't really want to know his side very well cuz I liked how he was presented in Twilight.

  • image VickieLan:

    I just felt like it was milking the cash cow a bit. 

    That's actually how I felt about Breaking Dawn.  That whole storyline could have been wrapped up in three books, imo.  It wouldn't have felt so drawn out then.  Less filler and more meat.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

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