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What's Your Favorite Bar?

What is your favorite bar and why? When do you typically eat bars??  Just curious :-)

Re: What's Your Favorite Bar?

  • My favorites are; Kashi Chewy Trail Mix Granola bar for breakfast, a snack or desert at lunch. I also like Luna bars for breakfast or when I'm travelling. When I was in Honduras I really and truly lived on peanut butter powerbars when I was doing field work.. I don't eat bars a whole bunch but they are handly on occasion.
  • I'm in love with Power Crunch bars....they are soooo yummy.  I found them at the Chicago Triathlon last weekend.  They taste like a cookie and a nestle's crunch bar combined.  I eat them in the morning and they keep me full for awhile.  Or after a good workout. 


  • I like Zone bars (chocolate peanut butter, fudge graham and coconut crunch).  Yum! 
  • I like muscle milk light!!

  • I love the kashi chewy and cruchy bars (pumpkin spice flax, cherry dark chocolate). I trust the Kashi brands and I eat bars for breakfast when I have to eat on the run.
  • Lara Bars are yummy, especially the chocolate and key lime flavors.  I also like Pure Protein bars in the Smores flavor.  I eat these at work - I'm a personal trainer, and I typically have clients back to back with no free time in between, so it's difficult to eat throughout the day and keep my energy up.
  • Hands down...LUNA Bars, love them.  I'll usually grab one before a workout or as a snack to hold me over.
  • I second the power crunch bars! P90X bars in the berry are really good too! You can get those from
  • i like Fiber One and Special K meal bars. the Special K can get me by if i don't have a better option for lunch.
  • I used to eat Clif and Luna bars, but got really sick of them.  I think Lara bars taste great and I eat Power Crunch bars sometimes too.
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  • I love peanut butter & jelly Bonk Breakers.  I usually take them with me as a recovery food for a longer workout, as they are 250 calories and pretty well-balanced with protein and carbs for a recovery food.  I could eat them on their own, too, but a little too calorie-rich for that! 

     Pre-workout, I like the Clif Kids bars, called ZBars.  They are between 120 and 150 calories and all-natural, with some pretty good flavors.

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  • Shoppers Drug Mart has a store brand bar called Shapers that I eat in strawberry banana flavor.  So good!   Sometimes I eat zone bars.

    I eat one for breakfast if I am doing an early workout, or between personal training clients, like PP.

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  • Marlow's Tavern is my favorite bar.

    Clif Bars and Luna bars follow. 

  • Lara bars are my favorite, especially the cherry one and the lemon one... apple is great too! ?they are the only bars i've tried that actually taste like real, unprocessed food... because they are. ?also like the kashi trail mix bars, those taste natural too :)
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  • I agree that fiber one bars are awesome.  There's also bars that Target makes that have a yogurt coating.  Best bar I've ever tasted. 

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