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What do you do about facebook friend requests?

I have a facebook, I'm not on it very often, but I do check it every few days.  It's an easy way for me to keep in touch with friends and family that don't live nearby, and to share baby pictures.

I keep getting friend requests from people that I have no interest in being "facebook friends" with... the IT guy from my work (that I've never met in person), DH's wierd friend Paul that's in the middle of a nasty divorce and has a bunch of skanks on his page, this random guy Ruben I went to high school with, etc...

Do you just leave the request in your inbox and act like you haven't seen it?  Click "deny" (is that rude?)?


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Re: What do you do about facebook friend requests?

  • If you hit "deny" the requestor doesn't get notified, so it's essentially the same as just letting the request sit there.  For all they know you aren't on facebook that much and didn't see the request.  The only thing they get notified of is if you accept the request.
  • Why would it be rude to ignore people?  The fact taht FB exists doesn't mean you now have to be "friends" w/ every last person you've ever known. It's YOUR page, you're allowed to determine how you want to use it. 

    I've ignored a few requests, and I"ve also "removed" people from my friend list.  I still have more friends than I really want - but I am relatively selective.  It's my page to share my life w/ certain people.  It's not a free for all for every Tom, *** or Harry to peek into my life. 

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  • Hi DENY! easy peasy!

    If you feel the need, write a msg with it (for the work guy let him know that you don't accept people from work as facebook friends...honestly though I don't think you need to explain yourself, if you're not friends in person why should you be in the cyber world...I think people are way too accepting of friends on fb, and for what? Why allow someone to look at pictures of you who don't know they 1st thing about you in person?

  • I hit 'deny' (though I like the pp's block move).

    One of my many reasons for denying people who are not actual friends is because I dont want to give random people the ability to access pics of my kids or (through the 'friend of a friend' suggestions on fb) be able to even see or access my kids' facebook pages.

    Yes, I know you can change the settings on the individual photo albums, but its not worth the hassle for people who arent even real friends.....


  • I just DENY them.. 

    On a similar note.. I have installed the family application on Facebook so that I can list my siblings on there.  I then get a request from a girl who USED to be my step-sister (not for at least 10 years now), adding me as her sister.  I let that sit for quite awhile (hoping she would forget about it) before I denied it because it would be obvious that I didn't add her.  Was shocked that she would actually think I would add that! 

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  • I've never really thought twice about those decisions. Either I want them to have access to my page and communication on FB or I don't. 
  • UUMmm....You hit deny.
  • Just an fyi, I'm pretty sure it's possible to figure out that someone has blocked you (but not if they simply deny you). I've happened upon it when someone I've sent a friend request to comments on a mutual friend's page. So you might think twice before blocking a co-worker - it could backfire. In my situation it was just a little strange... the other woman and I were both bridesmaids in a wedding at the time and have run into each other on and off for several years now. So I noticed it when looking at the bride's wedding photos. In this case it's not really a big deal - but if I discovered someone I worked with blocked me, I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to help them.

  • I would deny them.  I had some random people from way back attempt to friend.  Seriously, I could not remember them.  I have friended work people but these are actual work friends (but none of my employees). 

    I LOVE the block option.  That is awesome.  I put everyone in groups (based on how I know them) and change the privacy settings accordingly.  I have pics of my nieces and nephews and I block all family pics from anyone that is not family.  You never know about people.

  • I have no qualms about "deny" ing people if I don't want to be "facebook friends" with them.

    "Facebook frienship" in no way equates with "real" friendship, and I do think there are people out there who just request friendship with everyone they know in order to bring up their number and feel like they have lots of friends. 

    I don't "friend" or accept friend requests from co-workers, students, parents of my students, and FOAFs.


  • You can also set your security so that you can't be found. 
  • If someone sends me a friend request on Myspace (I don't like Facebook) and I don't know them or just plain don't want to be friends with them, I deny them. 
  • I guess I am a special snowflake.  When I got coworkers or clients FB requests (yeah, it happened) I would accept them.  But I added them to a list that didn't allow them to see any of my status updates.  I think I was able to block pictures too.
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