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Yay weekend! TGIF! What are your plans?
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  • Fri: shopping, cook dinner, watch movie maybe

    Sat: Car shopping

    Sun: grocery shopping, cleaning, out to dinner

    Such an exciting life I lead.

  • Tonight: Dinner with an old friend, karaoke bday party

    Sat: I NEED to grade and work on my writing, so I'm hoping I can skip out on the UFC party MH wants to drag me to

    Sun: Wedding dress shopping with SIL, then more grading and writing


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  • Friday: No idea. Likely to involve eating, drinking and watching tv.

    Saturday: Gym, some sewing in the afternoon, mellow b-day gtg for a friend that night.

    Sunday: Chill in the morning/afternoon, U2 concert (along with 96,000 other crazies) that night!!! :D

    Knowing that my weekend will end reeeeeally late, I forsee Monday royally sucking. :P

  • Friday: DH and I are going to see Good Hair....LOVE Chris Rock

    Saturday: Up to Culver City to check out the Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary installation. 

    Sunday: Laundry and stuff around the house

  • Very boring weekend for me. Mainly studying and catching up on housework
  • Tonight- hopefully dinner and a movie with my friend, I need some girl time

    Saturday- clean house and prep for 2nd bday party, funeral for friend's dad

    Sunday- daughter's 2nd birthday party!!! 

  • this was supposed to be vegas weekend, but i'm kind of glad it ended up cancelled.

    tonight is open and i hope i get to blaze through my copy of catching fire, because i started it last night and was hooked right away but was so tired i fell asleep.  i woke up when the book slipped out of my fingers and whacked me in the face.

    tomorrow i'm going to hang out with some super cool chicks and do some ridiculously fun, girly stuff.  i can't wait.

    sunday is open - but probably church and lunch with the ILs.

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  • Happy Friday! Both of my bosses are out today, so you know what that means...early day!

    My parents are coming in town for a week starting tomorrow, so yesterday MH and I cleaned everything, tonight we go grocery shopping and then chill at home.

    Saturday: Pick up the old folks from the airport, Wii, possibly some Laser Tag, WEEEEEEEEEEEEZERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! That's right, MH and I are ditching my parents the first night they come in. Suckers!

    Sunday: No big plans. My mom wants to go to the OC Swap Meet thing. I told her it was open 7-4 and the admission was $2. She was fretting about getting there early since they will likely be tired and they want to "get their money's worth." I said, "We are not related and we are driving separately." The frugal gene must have skipped a generation.

  • Today: Lunch date with one hot mama, then meeting R & our roommate in Lake Forest to burn time before they can officially close their office for the weekend.
    Saturday: Adopting out our foster dog, couples dinner.
    Sunday: Pumpkin patch with Bella.
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  • tonight: cleaning, laundry, and studying

    tomorrow: Taking the Princess to get her Halloween costume, errands, then snuggling in to watch HP and the Chamber of Secrets so the Princess can 'get into character'.

    sunday: bday party for 1 year old twins that I am dreading, more studying, cleaning, and maybe some sloth if I'm lucky.

  • Tonight - sushi & a movie with the hubs

    Tomorrow - hiking with a friend, pumpkin carving party and of course more baseball.

    Sun - Family thing.

    Yay for Friday! This week was waaaaaay too long.

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  • Friday: Lunch with some ladies...squeee! I get to meet the baby!! Then maybe some laps around the mall....its too dang hot for the park! then just random errands.Tonight we will do sushi and I am sure MH husband has work to finish, we'll be in.

    Sat: Hopefully getting my floors cleaned and if we get up early enough a walk around the neighborhood. No idea what else.

    Sunday: Weekly starbucks run and *hopefully* can pull MH away from the computer long enough to go to the punkin patch. I really want to get some pics.  No idea what else. Everyone I know is sick, so we wont be doing any visiting.

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  • Tonight - hanging out with BIL or SIL

    Tomorrow - cleaning garage and Where the Wild Things Are in IMAX

    Sun: IL dinner

  • Tonight - possibly a massage

    Sat - networking banquet.  Shoot me please.

    Sun - nothing planned.


  • Tonight: TV.

    Saturday: Wedding.

    Sunday: Family. Concert.

  • I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow and that's about it.

    roof, I think I beat you for leading the most exciting life ever.

    merry everything!

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  • Tonight: TV and reading.

    Tomorrow: Community service event and housecleaning.

    Sunday: Furniture browsing and more TV.

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  • Tonight - tomorrow afternoon: Getting in touch with my Polish roots and spending kitchentime with grandma - she's going to dish to the family the secrets to her recipes.
    Saturday: dinner with some friends
    Sunday: baby shower



    forcing sisterly love since 07.06.10
  • Tonight: Our plans are up in the air possible jello wrestling party Indifferent or karaoke with a cool chick.

    Tomorrow: Early morning run then my neices b day party. 2 words. TACO CART. <drool>

    Sunday: B day lunch with mom and dad.

  • My parents arrive tomorrow evening for the once a year I get to see them.  I'm totally happy.
  • Yay Friday!

    This weekend is filled with lots of random stuff. At some point we'll do the following: Pumpkin carving, Nursery organizing, Grocery Shopping, Building Glider and Crib, Repainting Dresser. 

    Then Sunday we are going to my 4D ultrasound at Before the Stork. Super excited to see my little P's cheeks, nose and eyes! :)


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