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forgive me foodies, for i have sinned (and repented)

dear foodies,

my husband and i loooooove a good dinner out. we have a couple friend with one half (wife) who is an extremely picky eater. the only going-out foods she will eat are fern bar type places (tgifridays, applebees, olive garden etc).

 hubs and i pretty much hate those places. its not just the nasty food, and not just the, uh, gastrointestinal...issues we leave with, but everything. my biggest issue is that it doesnt matter which one we eat, or which type of food (steak, chicken, fish, salad), i always leave with the same farcking taste in my mouth. grossness.

the sinnage: so for the three years that we have lived here, we have bowed down to it. we know that if we want to eat with the couple, we have to eat shi-tay food. it is what it is. for three years, we have suffered.

the repentage: tonight, i took a stand. her husband was here tossing out dinner ideas. i finally said that i would settle for olive garden, but explained whyyyyyyyyyy i dont like these restaurants (food, aftertaste, gi). the hubs went home, mustve talked to the wife. he texted me with a 'local' food option. score! we win!

while i shouldnt assume, i am guessing that they are thinking that i am being pregnancy-food bitchy -- ie, my pregnancy is giving me food aversions. but, no, im not playing the pregnancy card. ive never liked the food. im just finally announcing it. sure blame the preg for  announcing the three-year hatred. but i wont blame the preg for the 'aversion.'

a win for a win,

image image image

Re: forgive me foodies, for i have sinned (and repented)

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