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Confession time? Everyone has been so quiet today.

Well, except for all the politicky talk.  So here are my confessions.

I think that alot of the problem America has today is that our youth expect everything to be handed to them, that they play too many video games and they're getting fat and lazy.  I think that people will take every thing they can get instead of working for what they need.  I think people want to see results immediately and have no appreciation for hard work and have no consideration for the people around them.  I do think that America is now full of whiney people.  Tons. 

Non politicky confession:  I am SO weird about talking on the phone.  I absolutely hate to do it!  My friend Kaci who I haven't talked to in months just called my cell phone to chat and see how i'm doing, and I silenced it.  It's like a weird anxiety thing.  I'd rather text/email or talk face to face. 

Re: Confession time? Everyone has been so quiet today.

  • I'm kind of stressed out today. I need to clean SO many things around the house, but the baby won't let me work downstairs and the upstairs is clean. I need to call my sister back because I promised, but I can only do that when the baby goes down for a nap because he has a serious phone fetish.

    I don't want to work. I don't want to do dishes and my kitchen is a complete disaster. I already know I'll get down there and it'll be one of those over-whelming cleaning sessions where you feel like you're working forever and getting nothing accomplished.

    I don't have a political confession. Oh, but my FI's boss raves about Obama and was expressing views that didn't seem to match Obama's so my FI pulled up that website that compares the candidates from a couple weeks back. His boss said "Who's is this?" and pointed to a couple things he agreed with. When FI told him it was McCain's he just said "oh..." and didn't say anything else.

    It makes me laugh.
  • My Confession of the Day

    Marrying into a family that has a family business sounds like a great idea...until you have to work for said business.  We are moving to a new building, and after I got out of work yesterday, I had to go over to the new building and spent FOUR HOURS over there epoxying the floors of the plant.  Then, my stepMIL wanted me to go over to her house to get some work done (she is my boss).  Needless to say, when I got home after midnight, and still had to shower and pack for the weekend, I was pretty annoyed.  Anyways, I think the paint fumes are giving me migraines, and my eyes are starting to really hurt.  Flying tonight is going to suck.  At least I don't have to work Monday - they tried to make us go to the new building to do floors again, but our flight doesn't get in until 3:30.  Hooray!

  • AW, I HATE talking on the phone.  I have no idea why, either.  I HATE HATE HATE it.

    My confession - non-politicky (I like that the word "tick" is in there, lol) - I really miss my BFF (we've been friends for about 12 years), but we have a hard time getting together.  Probably due to the fact that we both hate the phone.  But I can tell that she thinks our relationship is over because I got married.  I don't understand it.  She's single, so maybe that has something to do with it.  I always try to do things with just her and me.  But I think that she expects me to put her before my DH, and of course, I can't do that.  I don't know what to do.  I love her and miss her like crazy.

  • 1.  I am way too excited to eat at the Macaroni Grill tonight for dinner. 

    2.  Why do people assume that since I grew up from a 'affluent' suburb that I never had to pay for anything?  I have been working since i was 15 and didn't have a sweet sixteen car and don't get checks from my mom when times get tough for me.  Urg.  I feel better now, thanks!

    3.  The last two nights, I have slipped on my wedding ring with my e-ring and did things around the house, looking at my hand every 5 minutes like a flipping nerd. 

    *made with love by ibis*
  • Abarrett:  My parents own an insurance agency.  They've had it since I was born, and I grew up working there!  Started filing and answering the phones as soon as I had my ABCs straight!  Anywho, it's really hard with a business in the family, because I was made to feel like I was doing an injustice to the family when I chose a career outside of insurance sales!
  • bondgrl---I took my wedding band on many a test drive! and over a year later, I still look down at my hand! haha

     My MIL is in town for the weekend and its giving me a nervous stomach...the woman hates me.

    DH and I haven't "been intimate" in over a week and if I don't get some soon I'm going to go nuts =)

  • I'm not supposed to be on the internet at work anymore- but I don't have any work to do and my boss is on the phone in her office, so she doesn't know.

     I'm afraid to like and trust Obama, but I really really do. 

  • I agree with the OP - some Americans have a little problem with what I call entitlement. The American dream is: work hard and it will pay off.  I have worked hard and am reaping the benefits.  And I get really tired of people assuming that because so and so has "this" then they deserve "this" too. Let's compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.  If you are sitting on your ass, doing nothing, and making NOTHING of yourself, what do you really deserve?  I have worked hard to support MYSELF, not everyone else (I obviously don't mind helping out those that need it - but I DO NOT want to help out those that can help themselves and are too lazy to do so).  Anyway, I am one of the many American whiney people.

    Hubby and I just bought bicycles - we rode around on them last night - I was so nervous.  And I can't wait to get home so that we can ride around again!  It's so fun!

  • 1. I have been totally unproductive this afternoon.

    2. I worked out this morning, but feel guilty about it.

    3. I want pizza for dinner, so I think we shall have pizza :)

    4. I am really bored and want a nap.  

  • You said it AW - I totally got guilted into working here part time while I was in grad school, and then, the week of DH and my finals, someone who had been here for 12 years and was doing two jobs "mysteriously" quit.  How convenient that they were able to offer us both full time jobs so that we couldn't move back to CT.

    I have a Master's in Economics and let me tell you, it is collecting dust while I do Estimating here.  I wish I could leave but I really can't.  DH and I are going to save our money for another two years or so and then move home to CT, but it always seems like a very long time from now.

  • Apparently I think I'm entitled because I swear I've been on the nest more today than actually working - It's because I'm listed as a Newbie and I really, really swear I'm not.  :)

    Our youth do expect a lot but not of themselves.  My 17yo niece is so right and knows everything it can make me crazy.  I love her anyway.

    I'm weird about the phone too - I have to be in the right mood.

  • Oupin- I don't think you're one of the whiney ones.  You've worked hard for the life you have.  It's the ones who aren't working hard and are complaining that they aren't being given enough.

    My biggest example has been and will always be the people who lived in the FEMA trailers for almost 3 years.  Good Lord people.  Burger King is hiring people for 7.50/hour with a HUGE sign on bonus!  HELLO!  Down payment for an apartment!!  Ugh.  Then they complain (whine) when FEMA tells them it's the end of the road. 

  • I HATE talking on the phone too. Not so much to my friends and stuff, but professional calls give me anxiety. I will have everything written out in front of me b/c I blank once the phone call starts. So weird.

    To co-irkers I am the youngest person here so HOW is it that I am the most mature?! If I page you, you come inside and what is needed. You do not stay outside, make me hunt you down, and then get an attitude w/ me about it. If you have a problem w/ a fellow coworker who is up in the Indiana office and you are leaving in 30 minutes - call him and figure it out. Don't email someone else and just wait around. Be proactive and get your damn job done before you leave early for the day. And stop being lazy. There are 7 of us in this office. We are all having to do more than our fair share of work lately. Suck it up and deal. And don't get so offended if you're asked something that isn't part of your "department" There are seven of us, there are no damn depts!!! Get Over Yourselves and Grow Up.

    To Customers I am sorry that we are a tiny little company with only one person who can help you and he left work early today. I can't do anything about it. If I could I would answer your damn question just to shut you up. Really I would. And to one particular passive agressive customer who tried to say "Thank you I really appreciate you sending the package but what I don't appreciate is having to wait an extra week for the specific information that I asked for" Go to hell. I hate passive-aggressive bullsh!t. We have a system. No one else has complained about it. So you can bite me.

    Good Grief is it 5:00 yet?!?!?!?!

  • image andrew's wifey:

    My biggest example has been and will always be the people who lived in the FEMA trailers for almost 3 years.  Good Lord people.  Burger King is hiring people for 7.50/hour with a HUGE sign on bonus!  HELLO!  Down payment for an apartment!!  Ugh.  Then they complain (whine) when FEMA tells them it's the end of the road. 

    You don't EVEN want to get me on my soap box about this one!

    Man, I think I have some anger management issues today.  That's what happens when I neglect to bring my flask to work! Surprise

  • Dh and my oldest DS had wisdom teeth extracted yesterday and I was a good wifey and mommy and staied home and took care of them. They were such bad patients I don't want to go home right after work today to here them whine and cry all night. Yes I know how must having wisdom teeth taken out hurts but they were just so bad yesterday. All day it was mommy this and honey can you that. Come on I'm pooped
  • Confession: last night I googled something for one of my books, looking for an image I could cut and paste as reference.  Though it had nothing to do with sex at all, about 95% of the returned images were porn.  I scrolled through them to see if I could find what I was looking for... but every now and then I took a peek at some of the dirty pictures, and I liked them!  I would have been so embarrased if hubby walked in when I was looking at them, though!

    Rant: H hurt his back a few nights ago and is very uncomfortable, yet refuses to lie down and relax.  He still wants to be up and moving around and sitting in front of the computer to do ChaCha.  I finally told him if he's not going to lie down and relax, then I won't be talking to him until he gets that whiny tone out of his voice and stops complaining.  If he wants to lie down, I'll be happy to give him a back massage.  ::nod me::  Also, I haven't been getting any since his back started hurting.  ::raspberry::

     Yay?: I am really excited for Monday's game night.  I am writing the game scenario for my guys and I am pretty dang proud of what I've come up with!

  • I'm just waiting for Sway to weigh in on this one.
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