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Uhhh, just waiting for everything to blow up!!! (just a vent)

I live in New Orleans, and I am stuck at work till 5.  There is like 5 people here, my kids are scattered because daycare is closed, and I still don't know where the hell I am going.  Ok, I just needed to get that out. 

Re: Uhhh, just waiting for everything to blow up!!! (just a vent)

  • Why is daycare closed? 
  • Don't really understand why daycare is closed. Oh and do you not know were you are going because you don't know which kid needs to be picked up first or has it just been a crazy day?
  • No, I think she doesn't know where she will evacuate to. 

    Can you leave early?  Get a jump on things?  I read they won't be sending out evac notices till Sunday, right?  Go north!  (I know you already know that) :o) I say to to Mississippi, straight up I-55.  I'm in BR, so I'm not evacuating, but I've heard almost all the rooms here are taken because LSU plays tomorrow.

  • try to relax and then exhale...

    you will have enough time to get each one of your kiddos before any disaster!!! just stay positive and keep repeating that you will get to your kids before the storm hits! stay safe...

  • And just like that, POOF, she's gone!  That was an interesting 1st post.
  • Sorry didn't know thing have gotten that bad. No TV or radios allowed at work.
  • They're really not that bad yet...  Coast gaurd is getting into position, but that's all prep stuff.  Gustav is still south of Cuba.
  • Daycare closed early because the employees have families too evidentally, and I can not leave work because everyone had already taken off for the holiday weekend so the rest of us are stuck.  We are not evacuating untill Sunday morning, just in case we wind up not having to worry about it coming our way.  My family has places for us to go I just haven't decided where I am going because I need to be close to a branch of my work so I can go in if I have to.  It is just freakin mayhem, and on top of it all we are all so worried about this that the three year anniversary of Katrina has just been forgotten.  I used to post on a different name, I didn't realize this was the first post under this one.

  • I live in Washington so we are pretty sheltered when it comes to serious natural disasters.

    I hope you have a safe weekend and that you make it through okay.

  • :o)

    It's going to be ok.  It's great that you have family outside of NO that you can go to.  What kind of work do you do?  How far away is your family?  I guess people are getting a jump on things this time since there was that lesson learned with Katrina. 

  • I'm sure things will be fine just keep yourself calm.
  • I cannot understand why your work wouldn't close down and let their people go...I mean unless you are in the middle of open heart surgery, get the heck out of there...

    After Katrina, I'd gather my family up and screw everything else...

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