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Are you running with the striders tomorrow? I couldn't run this morning so I have 16 miles to do tomorrow, I'd love the company if you're planning on being there!

Re: ucgrad

  • I think she is still in Germany, isn't she?

    I wish I could run with you!!!  DH is banning me. :(

  • Oh you're right, she is! Crap I suck at running alone! Nick's pretty mad I'm still running even though he comes home and I'm crying in pain or barely walking. Luckily my DH isn't as knowledgeable as your's with sports/exercise-related things :) Your H is right though, better then hurting yourself more (says the stubborn one). Are you still planning on doing the MCM?
  • Still planning on doing MCM and also doing Bmore half as a training run, so hopefully I'll be back to running soon. 

    Last time I ran 13 with the Striders and I didn't know where to go after I left Michelle!  I ran across the bridge and along the path, but then wasn't sure where to turn to keep on the route.  I was sort of in ghetto Columbia too.  I hope you are with me for the next long run!

  • Hahah ok I will make sure I'm there! Sorry about that! That's not the best part of Columbia to be lost in...

  • Haha.  Yep, I figured that out pretty quickly.  There were lots of guys hanging out at that 7-11 or whatever that is and they were staring at me like "what is that chick doing?"

    I actually think that Michelle might be coming back late tonight, but I'm not sure she'll be up and running with the group.


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