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Maybe Moving- Out of towner needs some advice

Hi! My Hubby and I are thinking about packing up and starting a new life in Maine( we live in NY now). We love Southern Maine and have been to the York area. Can anyone tell me what i can expect to find for home/apartment rental prices in the York county area? Or any other areas? Where are the best places to live? What areas should we avoid?? Also, anything else you can tell me would be great! I would really appreciate it! I

Re: Maybe Moving- Out of towner needs some advice

  • York county rentals will run you about $1000(some lower, some higher... mostly higher) a month sometimes including electric mostly not including heat... thats for 1-2 bedrooms..  we are lucky right now to have found a two bedroom with heat for $1000 a month but that was after two years of scouring all the sites to find it :)


    We live in South Berwick which we love, cute little small town downtown area, great school district(not that we have kids... but you know for the future and all :) ) nice little local restaurants.. but still close to bigger areas like Portsmouth, NH is about 30 minutes away and has a really nice downtown plus Newington has the mall, then Portland is about 40 minutes away with another mall... there are a bunch of areas about 20 minutes in most directions for shopping for groceries and Target and that sort of thing... we also lived in North Berwick which I didn't enjoy as much though... Eliot is also a nice town... it is in the same school district as South Berwick but a bit more expensive.. 

    Sanford is close by too and a bit bigger... 

    The good thing about these towns is they are close to York and Wells and all those touristy areas without being in the thick of them so you can choose to be a tourist and wander the shops and then choose to avoid that area when it gets too crazy busy :) 

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  • I moved to Kennebunk 3 years ago to be with my husband (then boyfriend) I grew up on LI and Kennebunk/port reminds me of how LI was when I was younger. Rentals in Southern ME  will run about 1k-2k, start checking out online ads, craiglists etc. We are about 30 mins from Portland and Portsmouth. I love Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Wells. When looking at places be careful with certain areas of Biddeford and Sanford. A lot of places are rundown and the neighborhoods can be sketchy. Depending on when you want to head up here you can take advantage of winter rentals and decide where you want to end up long term during the winter and search for something more long term while being in the area and enjoying a great place with a great winter rate!

  • I knew you would be able to help too Meg!! Yeah I agree with the Sanford thing... I forget because ILs live in such a nice area of Sanford(South Sanford really) that there are those shady neighborhoods up there.
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  • Yeah, we bought investment property a couple of years back on Brook St. thebank told us we should live there for a year, I said heck no!! lol
  • Thanks for your replies!! I dont want to end up anywhere shady and definately appreciate your posts! I forgot to ask, what websites could i go on to find rentals(other than craigslist)?
  • I live in lovely Sanford.  :)  It and Biddeford are the biggest towns in York county.  It's about 45 min to either Portsmouth, NH or Portland from where I live, and 25 minutes to Biddeford or Dover, NH.  Sanford has some shopping - Walmart, Marshall's, Fashion Bug, 2 grocery stores, 2 smaller hardware stores, lots of fast food.  Going to bigger chain stores like Best Buy, Home Depot, Target requires a trip to Biddeford or Dover.  Going to mall stores like Macy's, JCPenney requires a trip to Portland or Portsmouth. 

    Sanford does have some sketchy areas, but I think all towns of any size do.  I like to think I live in a decent area.  Housing here ranges from 100k for a condo near the airport to 750k+ for lakefront property.  You could get my house -- a newer 1400 sq. ft. 3 bd, 2 ba house with a 2 car garage in the 225k - 250k range. 

    Any of the coastal towns -- Kittery, York, Kennebunkport, Ogunquit, Wells are going to be higher cost than an inland town like Sanford.  Also be careful of the rentals in the extreme south -- Kittery, Eliot -- you may end up living near a bunch of young Navy guys (there's a Navy shipyard in Kittery/Portsmouth).


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  • This is a house in my neighborhood that is for sale.  Not too sketchy, eh?  (And it looks like they've lowered the price, too.)




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  • We moved from Florida (blech!) to Portland in March of '06 and just love it up here.  At the time, our 3 BR, 1 BA, 1200 sq ft, 1 car garage colonial was for sale in the low $200s.  It is on a busier street and needed a little work here and there- mostly cosmetic- and we think we got a great deal.  In that price range in Portland proper, you get quite a variety of places that are in a variety of locations and states of update.  You'll find a fixer-upper in a very quiet neighborhood OR a very nice small condo OR a good house on a busier street.

    We just love Portland.  Downtown there are a few sketchy areas, but for the most part it is quiet.  Being the big metro area of the state, we have everything I could want within 20 minutes- stores, boutiques, nature, culture, and a ton of independent eateries.  I can't give any insight about renting or areas south of us as our goal is to move further north in another 5-8 years to a more expensive place like Falmouth, Yarmouth, Cumberland, or Freeport. 

    Going into Boston takes about 90 minutes from Portland, as does the trip to Manchester, NH to the airport.  Portsmouth is about 45 minutes (the way I drive- zippy!) and Augusta is an hour north (the way hubby drives- cautiously.)  We like that we can get to most of the action pretty quick here, but we're still mostly removed from society at large.  We like the quiet Maine life; even in the "big city" of Portland, it feels relaxed and sleepy to us homebodies.

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  • I'm about 30 minutes west of Portland and less than an hour from the NH border. We love rural life since we wanted plenty of land to play with our dog on and not have to be right next to our neighbors. We have almost 3 acres.

    At any rate, I found my first apartment at (well, it was actually in the paper when I say it). is a good place as well. I'd recommend the listings at USM (Univ. of Southern Maine), but you might not want the typical college listings. I know that USM lists them under commuter services. I found roommates that way and did see some good looking places back in the day.

    Sorry I couldn't be much help. But the ladies on the board, as you've seen, are super nice and quick to give you answers. We're here to help!

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