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I just wanted to say Thanks for replying to my Key West post...the info was greatly appreciated.

Is there a Sephora around here or do you just order on line? I miss that store alot but I went to Ulta the other day and its not too bad. I was looking at your Blog and noticed that you liked the Urban Decay primer for eyes..I'm hoping it helps keep my liner from fading in the heat/humidity down here. Thanks for testing out products-I'm forever buying new stuff to see how it works too!

Re: Angelfire

  • You're welcome for the KW recs, I grew up in South Florida and have been to The Keys many times so hopefully I steered you in the right direction. We also got engaged in KW so it's extra special to me :)?

    No, strangely enough, there is not a Sephora around here (that I know of). I have honestly been surprised by the stores Charleston does not have (Anthropologie, Cartier, Nordstrom, Bloomie's, Forever 21, Z Gallerie etc...). But hey, if that's the only thing to complain about, we have it good, right ;)

    Yes, Ulta is just fine--they have most things. But if I need Laura Mercier or Make-up Forever, I just order it online from Sephora or get it when I go home to visit my parents in FL.

    I have noticed the UD primer really makes my eye make-up last much longer, even in the FL humidity, so that will probably be a good buy for you. Thanks for reading my blog, we just moved here in Feb too so it's nice to have a new, fabulous SC friend!?

  • Forever 21 was seriously like my go-to for cute cheap summer clothes I too am very sad that there isn't one around and ordering on line from them is probably a risk since every once in awhile something was always "off" about the fit. Sigh. Nordstrom is another big sigh...but I can always hit  up  both when we go home to Mass or in the spring to check on the house in Jersey.

    I'll be checking your blog for your secrets and I'll let you know if I come across anything worthwhile as well!

  • I feel the same way about F21! I won't order online from them for some reason. Please definitely let me know if you come across a great product. Do you ever post on the Fashion & Beauty Board? I am there a lot ;)

    PS-I meant to tell you in the last post that I adore your siggy pic. It is gorgeous! Love the bright colors contrasted with the white--just perfect.?

  • I just got into the whole Nest thing..I haven't really poked around too much. I lurk on the D&R board but since we are renting there isn't much I can do here. I'm working on a Married Bio...slowly. We just got our Pro pics back and I'm so excited! Thanks for the compliments..we wanted to do really fun bright colors since we got married in the summer :) and I'm slightly addicted to yellows and greens..they are all over my house!
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