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Help me organize shoes...

Okay, I am redoing my shoes after a scorpion invaded my closet yesterday. All my shoes HAVE been in their cardboard boxes, but I'm getting rid of them, so please help if you can. Any advice on organizing shoes is helpful.

I have 9 boots, 7 tennis shoes, 26 Dressy Shoes, 11 sandals/flip flops.

Here are some pictures of the spaces I have to work with. TIA. 






Re: Help me organize shoes...

  • A SCORPION?!  My word, I'm glad I live in Michigan!  I think that I would probably choose to hang most of my shoes in a caddy on the back of my door.  That way, a little critter like a scorpion couldn't climb in, right?  (Do they climb things like that?  Could they climb up a door?  I'm freaked out just thinking about it!)  I'd also utilize the room that you have shown in the third picture.  Get a shoe organizer, or do what I do - I keep mine in long clear totes, which can be stacked.  It keeps bugs and dust out, and I keep one for dress shoes, one for sandals, one for winter shoes, etc.  HTH!
  • i bought 3 of these & put them at the bottom of my closet.  it so neat. maybe you can put your shoes, slippers & sneakers & then get the long ones for the boots:

  • u can put the boots on top of these & more shoes on the bottom:
  • I happen to have a, we'll call it healthy obsession with shoes.  My hubbie and I live in a townhouse and I use multiple sources of organization for my shoes.  I have a hanging shoe rack over the bedroom door, a hanging canvas shoe rack in the closet, and I also use the shoe size plastic storage bins in the bottom of my closet with the picture of the shoe tapped to the outside.  The bins are my favorite form of storage, the shoes stay protected and are still easily accessible.  Hope that helps you out.
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