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Topic of the Day:: Holidays

How are you and your H planning on spending the holidays?  Will you go to your inlaws, or stay home and host yourselves or go to your own parents' houses?  Will this be your first holiday in your home, or did you live together prior and it'll just be your first as a married couple?  Do you have any fun traditions that you'll be doing?

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Re: Topic of the Day:: Holidays

  • Right now, we are thinking we'll be staying here and going to my parents' for Thanksgiving and going to H's parents' for Christmas.  Reason being is I have to work the day after Thanksgiving :(  I'm really not looking forward to spending C'mas with the IL's.  They are nice enough and what not, but I've never not spent Christmas with my family.  I'm trying to figure out if we could do Thanksgiving at his parents' and come home that night [they live three hours away].

    It'll be our first holiday living together and in our house, so that's cool.  He wants to decorate for Halloween, but I feel like our time is running out and I'm not a fan of Halloween, so I'm not reminding him any ;P

    The only tradition that I have [H doesn't have any] is that we go to Christmas Eve Mass and order out for Chinese that night.  Yet another reason I want to stay home and not travel, haha.

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    Stuck in counting limbo.

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  • We'll do the same as we've done the past few years while we were dating.  For Thanksgiving we'll go to both.  Luckily our families don't live too far apart so it's not a problem to go to both.  It'll probably be the IL's in the morning, then my family that evening.

    We'll go to the IL's (DH's grandmother's house) Christmas Eve, then celebrate with my family Christmas day.  I'm glad that we're only about 45 min. from both of our families and that we don't have to pick where we go. 

    We've celebrated the holidays together for the past 3 years, but this is our first Thanksgiving and Christmas living together so I'm excited about that.  I can't wait to get our tree/decorations put up, to have our first holiday season together as husband and wife, and to not have to travel to get to each other! :o
  • I wish ours lived closer.  I'm glad it's not states away though.  And it's not really that far away when I think about it, but I'm a big baby sometimes LOL.

    I'm very excited to get "Our First Christmas" tree ornaments haha.  We've celebrated the past three years together, but I think it'll be cool now that we are married to celebrate.  I can't wait to put up our tree!!

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    Stuck in counting limbo.

    SAIF always welcome!!

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  • image emmypants:

    I'm very excited to get "Our First Christmas" tree ornaments haha. 

    Me too!  I'm so excited to have our own big tree (7' compared to the little 4-footer that I had in my rental lol)--this is probably the most excited I've been about the tree and decorating since I was little :)
  • Thankfully we both have family in or close to our town, so we can see them easily. For the past couple of years we have done lunch with my family and dinner with his, for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I expect it'll be the same this year. H will also be coming with my mom and me to Mississippi to see my grandmother close to Christmas, and I'll go with him to an out of town Christmas thing with his family as well.

     This is our first holiday season in our own home so that's exciting. I bought a tree and lots of other Christmas things last year during the sales, so it will be fun to get those out for the first time.

  • We're lucky that we live in the same city with both families so holidays are a long day but we get to spend them with both sides. We usually spend Christmas morning at my parents' house with the immediate family, go over to his parents' house for lunch, and then go back to my parents' house for dinner with the extended family.

    For Thanksgiving, we do lunch with one family and dinner with the other.

  • We live in the same city as our parents which makes holidays easier and harder as MIL thinks we need to schedule around their holidays which means on the actual holiday.  Thankfully, my family is flexible so in the last few years we?ve worked out a system that works pretty well.

    We?ve been rotating Thanksgiving day between the two families but it will probably work out that we are with my family on the day and then with ILs when SIL?s work schedule allows.  Not sure about this year, though, as DH?s job will be in overtime for November so he?ll have to work at some point during Thanksgiving weekend.

    Christmas Eve we are with my family, Christmas morning with ILs, and Christmas evening just DH and I.  That changes depending on who has family in town, though.

    We also got a Christmas tree and decorations on clearance last year so I?m super excited about setting that up in the new house!


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  • No fun traditions yet but I'm hoping to start some this year!
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  • This is one of the most annoying things in our families...

    We can usually figure out a way to go and see everyone on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this year will be the first year of holidays since my brother and his wife moved away.

    We're super-annoyed because they decided to host Thanksgiving at their house this year - two and a half hours away (and her parents are invited, too, since they only live a few minutes from them now).  They're having it at 1:00pm.  DH's family has their Thanksgiving dinner at 1:00pm also...  so, if we went to my brother's, we'd miss everything here at home and we wouldn't be able to go out the night before (biggest bar night of the year) - it's tradition that we go out to a certain place every Thanksgiving Eve with a friend of ours who lives OOT.  My parents have already decided to go down to my brother's.  What we've done in previous years is we attended DH's family dinner at 1:00 and my parents hosted for DH and I and my brother and SIL for a big dinner later at night - around 6:00-7:00ish.  We've already decided not to go to my brother's at all.  It's not really fair that they expect us to drop everything else and come down there for their dinner with her family.  Plus, they always try to pressure us to stay the night there if we go, which is a huge PITA with Piper and no bed.

    MIL lives in FL, so we almost never see her on holidays unless she comes up here for some reason, which has never happened since she moved there four years ago.  So, we usually just see FIL and his side of the family and my family for Thanksgiving, which has worked out okay for us.

    We've decided to stay home on Christmas morning and wake up and do our Christmas together this year (we've always gone to my parents' and spent the night there for Christmas morning).  We have a tradition to do Christmas Eve as a really nice dinner out with my parents, brother and SIL and then on Christmas day, we go to DH's grandmother's for the day.  In the evening, we drive about 30 minutes to DH's other grandparents' house with SIL to visit with them.  Sometimes, we'll go over to my parents' later at night on Christmas day, but it depends on how late it is.  We're usually on-the-go from at least 10:00am-10:00pm that day.

    We used to have to go to four different places on Christmas day (one of them being an hour away) and this way, we only have to do two.  We completely miss my mom's family's big get-together (it has to be held in a hall since my mom has 11 siblings), but as long as I at least get to see my immediate family on Christmas Eve, I'm okay.
  • DH and I don't usually do Thanksgiving together since all his male relatives go to the family hunting camp for the entire weekend.  The female relatives all do Thanksgiving together, but since mine, my brother's, and my father's birthdays all fall around Thanksgiving I'll be visiting my family without DH.

    Christmas is really tough on us, and honestly, this will probably be the last year we do it this way.  We go to my parent's house (3 hours away) Christmas Eve, spend the night with them, wake up and do Christmas AM/Breakfast with them.  Then we drive 2 hours and do lunch with MIL, then across town to FIL's mother's house and have dinner with that entire side of the family (about 50 people), then drive an hour home that night.  It is absolutely exhausting and DH and I get no "us" Christmas time.

    Next year we definitely won't do that with an infant in tow!  There's just no way!  If anyone wants to see us on Christmas they can come to us Stick out tongue  with the exception of DH's extended family that night.  It is a HUGE family tradition for everyone to get together at Grandmother's.  I wouldn't miss that for the world!  We'll just tell all the parents to come and do lunch with us (with the exception of my parents who live 3 hours away and can spend the night, of course!), if they can't make it, sorry.  We are our own family unit now.  I let DH know a long time ago that once we have kids we do Christmas OUR way!  I will not drive all over the South East with a screaming child to please everyone else.

  • This will be the first holidays we spend together in our house. He was living in the house since last summer, but I moved in around the wedding.

    Thanksgiving- my parent's for lunch, then his mom's side for the afternoon, and his dad's side for supper.

    Christmas Eve- his mom's side

    Christmas Day- my parent's house for lunch, his dad's side for dinner

    Maddie is having fun with her great-grandparents.

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  • We're doing Thanksgiving in Chicago, and going home to Florida for Christmas.  Thanksgiving will probably be at our place with my sister and any friends who aren't going home.  We always do the big traditional thing even though it's just me, DH, and my sister who live here.

     We're going to Florida for a week and a half around Christmas time.  It's nice because our parents/grandparents live about 20 minutes from each other (yet we met in college in a different city, weird).  My family's big thing is Christmas Eve and his is Christmas day so it works well.  I wish we could do our own Christmas though.  It's obviously nice to be with family, but we've never been in our own home on Christmas, even though this will be our 4th.  Hopefully once we have kids, I can convince people to come see us. 

     The only tradition I can think of is that we always buy a Christmas ornament whenever we travel, so it'll be fun to get those out.  Can't wait to use the one from the honeymoon for the first time.  And I also can't wait for a "First Christmas" ornament!


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  • The IL's live in KS, my family lives in LA, and we live in NM. We are all at least 12 hours apart. 

    While this sounds horrible in a sense, it really isn't all that bad. William and I will be spending Christmas by ourselves in our apartment. No traveling, no weird hours, nothing. We've already started thinking of neat traditions to start. All the Christmases we've been together, we have always spent at either parents' home - it is so nice to begin with a Christmas all to ourselves.  

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  • We live about an hour from all of our family.  We are hosting Thanksgiving this year for both families, which is about 25 people.  We hosted 2 years ago for just DH's family so this will be about 3 times the size because my family is so large.

    Xmas eve and Xmas are really hectic for us.  Both of our parents are divorced and remarried, so we have 4 sets of family things to do.  We usually drive 1 hour in 1 direction Xmas eve and then spend Xmas day 1 hour in the other direction.  We barely get an hour at the end of the day for ourselves.  But it is important to us that we see our families, and right now we are the only ones out of all our siblings that do not have children, so it is easiest for us to travel.

    We lived together for 3 years before getting married, and have been in our house for the last 2 1/2.  So although it will not be our first holidays living together, we are both really excited about our first hilodays as a married couple.  So far all occassions (birthdays and such) have been extra special as husband and wife.  :)

  • My side of the family celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas the Sunday before.  H is off for Thanksgiving, but is on shift for my family Christmas.

    Sadly he is on shift for his family thanks giving and Christmas Eve (which is when we celebrate with his family).

    But, he is off on Christmas!  So, I am hosting a Christmas dinner for our immediate families.  It should be fun.

    We are also having a Fun Christmas party for our friends early December which will be fun.

  • First, I'm pretty jealous of the people who can pretty easily drive and visit nearly all their family.  We are in DC, my parents are in NM, MH are in NY, and most of my family are in Ohio! Ugh! 

    For Thanksgiving we will probably be adopted by one of our friend's family in the area.  My parents don't really do Thanksgiving and it is too far to travel for a long weekend. 

    For Christmas we will probably go to NY for Christmas Eve and Day and then drive 8 hours or so to visit my grandparents.  It is a long drive, but it's family and that's what is important to us right now.

    We also have been invited to a wedding on New Year's Eve.  I don't really want to go but MH seems to think we are going...we will see!


  • Things are a little up in the air this year.  We thought that DH would be away for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's this year, but it turns out he will be home after all (which I am very, very, happy about!)  So we're sort of scrambling to make plans now.

    I think for Thanksgiving we are headed up to see both sets of parents.  My family spends Thanksgiving at my Uncle's house, only a few miles away from ILs.  We will probably split the day between the two.

    I'm not sure about Christmas yet.  My brother and his family are moving to the DC area early in December, and have decided that they are doing Christmas here.  DH wants to stay here as well and have our first Christmas in our new house.  I'm hoping we can convince my parents to come down, too.  We'll see what happens!

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  • Since my IL's are in Canada and Dennis just started a new job so no vacation time, we'll be staying here and spending the holidays with my family.  Next year we'll probably spend Canadian Thanksgiving with his family, US Thanksgiving with mine and Christmas at home.
  • For Thanksgiving this year, I'm trying to find a nice restaurant.  My parents live about 2 hours away and my brother lives about an hour and a half from them. 

    Last year, Mike came home just before Thanksgiving and it was so much work just making a few sides and desserts.  I wanted to have a big holiday for his homecoming last year, but would like it low-key this year.

    We had Christmas Eve dinner at my aunt's home in NJ, and then we drove here to have CD at our apt. last year.  I have no idea if we will be invited there again. 

    We decided to make gourmet pizzas last year and I think this will be the tradition.  I'm big on holiday traditions.  It was fun making them, using my KAM for the dough, and totally delish!

  • Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday for both of our families. DH has family all over the country and they get together at Myrtle Beach every year for a week around Thanksgiving. My family has a big Thanksgiving lunch and then ALL of my family over to our house (the family homestead) for a bonfire and hayride on Thanksgiving night. A couple of years ago, we started switching years. This year it is our turn to go to Myrtle Beach with his family.

    Christmas is not as big a deal for either of our families but we still split our time. My family lives 3-3.5 hours from us and DH family is 2.5 hours away (they live 1 hour apart from each other). So, we will spend Christmas Eve, Eve and Christmas Eve with his family since that has kind of become a tradition. We will probably drive to my parents' house Christmas Eve night and wake up at their house on Christmas Day because my mom makes a really yummy Christmas breakfast. We will spend Christmas day and the day after with my family since my immediate family all gets together the day after Christmas for dinner.

    Not too much shuffling around. This will be our first holidays living together and we are really excited about it!  We only do real trees, so we're excited to go together to pick our a tree and decorate it.

    The hard thing for us will be giving up our individual family traditions to make our own for Christmas. Thanksgiving will remain the same until our parents are no longer with us and then we'll cross that bridge when we come to it (a long, long time from now we hope!).

  • We are lucky too. Both of our parents and even both of grandparents are local, so we hit up everyone for all holidays.

     For Thanksgiving we do a late lunch with my parents/family and then we do a late dinner with the inlaws/family.

    For Christmas, every year the inlaws have a huge Christmas Eve party, so we always do that. Friends/family come over and just hang out and then after everyone leaves we open the presents for that side of the family that night. Christmas morning we spend just the three of us at our own home. We don't like to rush around Christmas morning and we like to let Aidan enjoy his gifts and just lounge around. We go to my parents Christmas around lunch time or afternoon to do the presents and family time with them then.

    The only tradition we have so far is that we give pajamas to Aidan that he can open up Christmas Eve so he can be wearing new pj's for Christmas morning. My parents did that (and still do with my brother and sister) every year and it was always fun to get a new set of pjs. :)



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