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What do you have hooked up to your TV?

We just bought a new flat and spent the weekend moving in.  DH and I discussed it, and I think a lot of our old gaming consoles are going to go into storage (We already have a large cardboard box earmarked "antiquated electronics").

DH was making a case for not hooking up the DVD player, since it doesn't get used much anymore (I insisted that it stay because it's currently our only region-free player).  It struck me as a little odd to not really need a DVD player anymore, and it made me curious what other people's setups are like.

So...  What kinds of devices do you have hooked up to your TV?  And which do you use the most often?

[Props to the old-school people who answer "rabbit-ear antennae"!]


Re: What do you have hooked up to your TV?

  • Our new setup will be:  Mac Mini, region-free DVD/DivX player, PS3, XBox 360, 5.1 speakers, and the TV cable (our building has a collective subscription).

    (We're taking out the XBox, PS1, VHS player, and the jury is still out on the GameCube.)

    Aside from the obvious speakers, the Mac Mini definitely gets the most use, since it functions as our primary TV and film source as well as our stereo (hooray Rhapsody).

  • We have an Apple TV, cable DVR, Wii, stereo and DVD/VCR combo hooked up to our TV. We mainly use cable and the Apple TV but we own a lot of movies that I can't imagine not having our DVD player or VCR (we still have quite a few VHS tapes that are not available on DVD). When we moved we decided not to connect the Atari and Coleco Vision as we just don't have the room. Both are easy enough to connect if we want to use them every now and again.
  • Right now:

    HD DVR satellite receiver
    DVD player that includes surround sound
    Xbox 360

    We use the HD DVR all the time. The dvd player a lot as we get movies from netflix. 

    We also have other game systems hooked up to another tv.

  • In Our Bedroom: MacMini and DVD player
    In the Living Room: Laptops, PS3, Wii, DVR, Surround Sound (and like 10 speakers), MP3 dock

    We use the Mac Mini practically every day and DH uses the PS3 various times a week- those def. get the most usage.

  • Let's see...

    DirecTV, PS3, PS2, Wii, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, NES, and our audio receiver.

    The Wii, PS3, and DirecTV get the most usage, but we definitely play the old-school games from time to time.

  • ps3, wii, standard dvd player, direcTV box, ps2

  • Our setup is slightly complicated. We have your standard receiver and speakers, but also have a game console switchbox.

    Through one way or another, this is everything that we have hooked up:
    XBox 360 w/ HD-DVD
    TiVo HD
    DVD (5 disc)

    Occasionally we'll hook up a laptop, and we'll be adding a Mac Mini soon. We have our Time Capsule near the tv also serving as a router for the 360 and the tv (it has an ethernet port).

  • Here's our setup:

    Blu-Ray Disc Player (usually a few times a week)
    VCR (I can't remember the last time we actually used it...)
    on occasion, my laptop (but not very often as most of our streaming content comes through the TiVo).

  • We had rabbit ears until they broke a couple months ago Embarrassed  Fortunately for our geek cred, that was only one device of several ;)  I'm afraid lots of it is pretty old school, as we don't actually watch much television and so don't invest in the setup.  We have an XBox 360, with XBox HD-DVD player (we could not resist all the super cheap DVDs when the standard got dumped!), a big CD player, 2 VCRs (again with the embarrassment), a DTV tuner, a receiver that manages most of the stuff, and an equalizer.  We have a couple speakers too, for not-quite-surround sound.

    It's all so sad and old when I look at it all listed out like this, lol :) At least the XBox is newish!

  • Oh, and we do use our Mac Mini for watching downloaded TV, but DH also uses it as a desktop machine, so it's only hooked to the TV part-time.
  • Right now:

    HD DVR cable box
    5-disc DVD/CD changer
    Surround sound system

    Other things that get rotated in once in a while: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, iPod, laptops, digital camera and Sega Genesis.
  • DVD Player, Wii, XBox 360, Satellite box

    We use the XBox and DVD Player most
  • DVD and Directv
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  • I think just the XBox 360 and the Wii.  We don't have fancy speakers and the XBox acts as our extender for the Media Center PC, our DVD player, game console, and Netflix device.

  • At home, we've got Dish, Wii, DVD player, BluRay player and surround sound system. Sometimes the XBox and PS2 get hooked up to it, as well as our video camera.
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  • We have an Apple TV, XBox 360, Wii & PS3.

    No cable.  I just learned like last week that our LCD tv is actually just a really big monitor, and that's why it has no built in antenna.  The only tv we see is what we get on the Apple TV and on DVDs/Blu-Rays. 

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  • PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, audio receiver w/surround sound, media PC, audio selector box, Comcast HD box. We also have an XBOX, Gamecube, and Dreamcast but they are not actively hooked up (but could be on a moment's notice).  The DVD player is on the shelf but not hooked up anymore because we always watch through one of the gaming systems (Blu-ray on the PS3).

  • Our big TV has:

    Surround sound with DVD player
    Cable w/HD box
    PS....something.  Not sure which one as it never gets played!
    Occasionally the computer gets hooked up when we want to watch past episodes of something online.

    My two other televisions have VCRs hooked up to them.  Big Smile

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  • Blu Ray w/Netflix and Pandora streaming capabilities


    Sometimes the netbook


    Damn you Nest for screwing up my siggy!

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  • We have a digital antenna & a dvd player hooked up to our main tv in our living room.

    DH's video games hooked up to the tv in the basement.


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