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I think my cousin is "officially" an army wife

Without the official "wife" status.

She just turned 18, just graduated high school, and just announced on FB this morning that she's moving across the country to be with her boyfriend, who was transferred to a base out there. I think he's 19. I don't think they've been together that long, but I'm not sure.

I'm trying to be supportive but it's so weird! I mean, she's a smart girl and things could very well work out wonderfully between them (I've been with my husband since I was 17 so I shouldn't be concerned about her age), it just seems like a big move for her to make.

I don't know that there's a point to this post... I'm just surprised, I guess. I hope she at least goes to university there, or something, so that she's not just there for him, you know? It could be a good life experience for her, even if they were to break up, if she handles it right.

Any suggestions on tactful, supportive ways I can encourage her to look into educational opportunities, if she's not already?

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Re: I think my cousin is "officially" an army wife

  • Which base is he posted to?  That will have a lot to do with how to approach the encouragement.
  • I don't know, she just said "Ontario". Maybe I'll ask!
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  • There are a lot of bases in Ontario so that would definitely affect how I would respond.  For example Meaford would not provide her with a lot of options but Borden has a few colleges near by.
  • There is lots of bases in Ontario; BUT generally the two main bases are Trenton which is generally airforce and then Petawawa which is army.

    Meaford and Bordon are more training bases then career/posting bases.

    Trenton I would have no clue if there is a community college or university with a campus there; but Petwawa isnt any better; for pet. you would have to go to Ottawa which isnt too far but with no car there isnt a good opportunity;

    I can understand the difficulties in this; maybe ask her what her plan is as Pet. can be lonely.. maybe she could do online classes or get set up to do satalite classes.  It is always important to have some kind of education/career opportunity if he is in the military as it is lonely and draining to not have anything to do for yourself or have anything under the belt to use if and when they are transfered to a large city base!


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