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Any House fans?

So far I'm very disappointed with the new season! And this used to be one of my favorite shows...
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Re: Any House fans?

  • I love house, I haven't seen any of the episodes yet except for the premier. Which I thought was good.
  • That is how last season was for me.  And after a few episodes it got better.

    I'm hoping that with the return of the crew next week that it will start to pick up again. 

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  • I'm waiting for the first episode to be available online...  I checked yesterday but it wasn't up, yet.  I'll be checking later today, but I've heard a lot of people are disappointed with this season so far.
  • i thought a lot of last night's episode fell flat, particularly the parts in the hospital (the little parts where we visited house becoming an obsessively genius cook at Wilson's place were fairly good). I didn't like the virtual reality video game angle much at all.


    but i realize it was probably a 'push-the-plot-along-so-we-can-get-House-back-to work' development episode, a little card shuffling and voila! the old gang is back to work, business as usual.

  • I really liked the season premiere, and I like the House story line.  I guess I just really don't care about 13 and Foreman.
  • I gave up on it and got on the computer.  I lost interest with Foreman thinking he is anywhere close to the genius that House is.  He annoys me and he thinks he knows it all which he doesnt - obviously.  Hope the season gets better.
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  • I haven't watched last night's ep yet but this show hasn't really been the same for me ever since the original team broke up. The first episode of this season really dragged for me.
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  • i didn't think last night's episode was too bad... not the most exciting they've done, but not terrible. and i loved the premiere. now if you wanna talk about a show that's gone downhill over the last couple seasons, hello, america's next top model! ... but i digress...
  • I really like House, even with the turn the show took this season with House not being House.  I do hope he gets back to solving cases soon, but it will be interesting to see how he makes it back.  I am interested to see what happens this season.  They have not let me down yet.
  • image trigirl30:
    I really liked the season premiere, and I like the House story line.  I guess I just really don't care about 13 and Foreman.


  • I love how they are getting more into the relationships and his motivation for doing what he does.  I liked the "new" team that he had, but I also like the old team...except I do think Foreman is a d-bag.  I am excited to see how the character of House grows as a person this season...I think there is the possibility of great things from this show from what I have seen so far!
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  • image trigirl30:
    I really liked the season premiere, and I like the House story line.  I guess I just really don't care about 13 and Foreman.

    Agreed! I only like watching House boss them around and outsmart them! I don't care about their little love story I do like Chase and Cameron's love story though and how House mocks it. 

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  • my husband always has to make a comment about 13's eyebrows and how they make her look like a Jack-O-Lantern. kind of takes me out of the moment. the love-affair aspect is dull anyway.
  • We liked last night's...it's starting to get back in the swing of things, I think!
  • I like the season premiere but I didn't like last week's episode.

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