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CA gov candidate Meg Whitman first registered to vote in 2002


I am too young to be voting for people who've voted in fewer elections than I have.  She has never even voted in an election for the position she's running for!! 


Meg Whitman's voting record short, sparse

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By Andrew McIntosh
[email protected]
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Published: Thursday, Sep. 24, 2009 - 12:00 am | Page 1A
Last Modified: Thursday, Sep. 24, 2009 - 8:21 am

Almost 9 million Californians cast ballots in the 2003 special election that swept movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger into the Governor's Office.

Meg Whitman wasn't among them.

The billionaire businesswoman now running for governor herself in 2010 didn't vote in that special election, even after Business Week listed her among a group of top executives with "worse than spotty voting records" in a 2000 magazine story, public records show.

Whitman apologized for failing to vote "on several occasions" as she introduced herself earlier this year as a candidate to replace Schwarzenegger as governor at a state Republican Party convention in Sacramento. She said her failure to vote was a mistake for which she had no excuses.

"Every citizen should take time to vote, and on more than one occasion, I didn't," the former eBay chief told the GOP activists. "Voting is a precious gift handed down by generations of Americans. I regret not having delivered my vote on several occasions."

In fact, however, a Bee review found Whitman regularly skipped elections in California and several other states where she lived and worked.

The review covered six states and a dozen counties, including towns and counties in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Rhode Island and California where public records indicated that Whitman lived, worked or attended college.

Mark Petracca, a UC Irvine political science professor, said Whitman's voting record is nothing anyone would brag about ? unless you're one of her opponents.

The Bee found that the two candidates battling Whitman for the Republican gubernatorial nomination ? Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner and ex-congressman and state Sen. Tom Campbell ? regularly participated in local, state and federal elections for decades.

"It's a dereliction of our first duty as American citizens," Petracca said. "We're talking about someone who has practically not voted her entire adulthood.

"This is embarrassing."

Whitman, now 53, turned 18 and voting age in Suffolk County, N.Y., in 1974. Officials say they have no record of her registering or voting there.

She lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, from 1979 to 1981 after completing a master's degree in business administration at Harvard.

Neither Ohio state elections officials nor Hamilton County Board of Elections officials found a record of Whitman registering or voting there.

For much of the 1980s, she lived in San Francisco as a management consultant at an investment firm, Bain & Co.

The San Francisco County elections office no longer retains records prior to 1992, but said that had she been registered and voting, her registration information would have been transferred to the current system. They have no record of her registration.

Similarly, Los Angeles County has no record that she registered or voted between 1989 and 1992, when she worked for Walt Disney Corp. as a senior executive.

Whitman and her husband, Griffith Harsh, a neurologist, lived in Brookline, Mass., a suburb just outside Boston, for several years in the 1990s. She worked for Stride-Rite, FTD and Hasbro until 1997.

"We had her as a resident for a while, and she was captured by the census, but she was never registered and she never voted," said Patrick Ard, town clerk in Brookline.

Whitman returned to the Bay Area in 1998, when she was hired to be eBay's first chief executive officer and take the company public.

She told delegates at the convention that she had "been a registered 'decline-to-state' voter since 1998." The Bee was unable to find any public record of that registration.

The first registration record The Bee found, in San Mateo County, was dated Sept. 12, 2002.

At that time, she told San Mateo elections officials that she had been registered in San Francisco County, a county official said, after reviewing electronic records.

Yet San Francisco County officials, whose database records active registrations as far back as 1992, said they had no record of voter registration for Whitman at either of her two San Francisco addresses during the period.

Re: CA gov candidate Meg Whitman first registered to vote in 2002

  • interesting...but i have to admit this wouldn't be enough for me NOT to vote for her (or anyone else, for that matter).  not saying i'm a fan of hers - i haven't researched the candidates yet, but this wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.  a tie-breaker, yes; a deal-breaker, no.


  • She said over the weekend that she was too busy having kids and raising a family to vote. Got that ladies? Women can't have it all.
  • image LittleMissWifey:
    She said over the weekend that she was too busy having kids and raising a family to vote. Got that ladies? Women can't have it all.

    Her statement about being busy with her family does make me cringe because it's an excuse. I think she should have just stuck with the being inspired part.  I don't fault people who just registered to vote in this past election because they were inspired. I wouldn't fault them if they wanted to get involved in politics. 

    It wouldn't stop me from voting for her if she had the credentials and I agreed with her politics.  But I hope you don't mind if I c&p'd the rest of the article that you may have gotten it from.  The bolding is mine.  If it's not the right article, please c&p yours!  Smile


    Meg Whitman has added a new line to her explanation of why she did not register to vote until 2002, telling reporters that she was too preoccupied with ?raising a family.?


    Following a speech to a group of Yolo County Republican women on Tuesday, the Republican California gubernatorial hopeful said that she was ?focused on raising a family, on my husband's career, and we moved many, many times? in response to a reporter?s question on her past voting record.


    ?It is no excuse. My voting record, my registration record, is unacceptable,? she added.


    Whitman further explained that she was not engaged in politics until she became CEO of eBay, where she saw ?inspired individuals who created business who got slapped down by taxation, by bureaucracy and regulation.?


    ?When I came to eBay, what I saw was the incredible difficulties that government created for small business,? she said, according to press accounts of the event.


    Whitman?s campaign has been plagued by unrelenting questions about her voting record since the Sacramento Bee revealed that she had not registered to vote until she was 46-years-old. Whitman has spoken to the issue in remarks and interviews with the media numerous times, but has yet to get past the story.


    Earlier in the week, the Whitman?s camp adopted a line from Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif.), who noted over the weekend that her late husband, Sonny, did not register to vote until he ran for mayor of Palm Springs.


    ?He went on to be a successful mayor and a successful member of Congress,? Bono Mack said.


    The fellow California Republican also said that Whitman?s ?leadership issues? and not her experience makes her ?an amazing candidate for governor.?

    A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. A new beginning Lap Band in Nov. '11
  • I don't actually believe that she didn't register to vote because she just saw a bunch of bureaucrats interested in taxes.

    She didn't even vote for the CA governor in 2003!  That was a recall election.  She wants us to believe that she didn't care about voting Gray Davis out of office or any of the replacements for us.  Come on.  Who believes that? 

    I'm sure she's got plenty of opinions about what Gray Davis did to the state so why the hell couldn't she have voted to recall him?  If Arnold or anyone else didn't inspire her enough, she could have skipped the rest of the ballot.  Now, she's going to try to b!tch about what Davis and the dems did to the state as part of her platform and she wants us to believe that she actually cares when she couldn't even be bothered to vote about it?

    I just don't think she cared about politics until she wanted a piece of it.  She places little value on voting, and quite frankly, I hope her constituents follow her lead.

    She would have turned 18 in 1974 if I'm doing my math right and I'm guessing that the first election she voted in was in 2004.  That means that for 30 years nobody inspired her.  Not Reagan for governor or president, no primary candidates, nobody. 


  • I wouldn't have cared as much if she didn't use raising kids and her husbands career as an excuse not to vote. As a woman, that makes me want to vomit. I was actually happy that we had a strong female candidate (even if I dont agree with her politics), but that just went out the window with that one sentence. Hopefully she can redeem herself.

     I am still on board with Gavin Newsom, for now.

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