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how often do you contact your representatives?

i live in a very conservative area so my district/legislators tend to be religious republicans.  i've emailed once or twice about some issues but I feel like it's a lost cause.  anyone else?

Re: how often do you contact your representatives?

  • pretty much the same deal.

    I've written to my rep several times, and I've gotten some very polite letters about how he appreciates my input, but would never really suppport the causes I support or oppose the causes I oppose, which is a little annoying. 

  • When I was in Ohio, frequently.  But that's because I knew my reps personally (Dad was in gov't, and quite the talker) and got responses back.

    Here in NY, not as often, unless they do something that either REALLY upset me, or REALLY excited me.  Maybe once or twice a month.

    I have, however, also been known to send "kudos" emails to other representatives who are not my own (particularly republicans) when they do something that bucks the party line and falls in line with what I'd like.  I figure praise for good things never hurts if you want someone to continue doing those things...


  • Being in a Dem state, very liberal, I do so quite often---especially those that report to Annapolis (moreso than those in Washington).  I would say weekly or, at least, bi-weekly.  They do a lot to tick me off so  it is a necessity.
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  • Members of US Congress- KBH often; John Cornyn-do not waste my time; US House member-sometimes but he never responds

    Gov. Perry-Quite often-sometimes I get a response others times no response

    Members of State Legislature- very often

  • Quite often.  I emailed my Congresswoman yesterday.  I seem to contact them more when they do something I dislike than something I like, though...  Maybe I should send more kudos messages.
  • I write when I see an issue I'm really interested in.  I tried writing to all the people on the Armed Services Committee (since it was about military benefits) but apparently they only want to receive your mail if you're in their district.  That kind of concerns me but such is the state of our government.

  • image Carlisle_Girl:

     apparently they only want to receive your mail if you're in their district.  That kind of concerns me but such is the state of our government.

    This is why I never contact anyone. Except when certain (usually Republican) members decide that they should micromanage the District of Columbia--and in some cases argue that DC doesn't need representation because they will represent us. Then I take great pleasure in calling their office about things like potholes and missing bricks in the sidewalk :)

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  • My representatives are very liberal, I am not.  I still contact them monthly on issues.  I may be in the minority, but I still make my voice heard.
  • http://www.congress.org/register

    a good website for current information on what is happening in Washington.

  • I have done it several times with little to no response at all....Sherrod Brown is a lost cause, I can't get anything back from his office not even an acknowledgment of receipt

    ETA: Sherrod Brown is a Senator

  • I've "broken bread" with state senators. 

    I contact them frequently when they're in session as they aren't as politicized as those at the fed level.  State reps seem to listen a bit more.

    As for my federal reps, I contact them more than I should have to.  I elected them because they promised to do X.  When they turn around and do Y, I get pissed.  The more I contact them, the more my blood boils since it seems like an exercise in futility.  

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