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Jobs in the Medical Field (no not for me)

I know someone that is currently working FT and taking prerequisites with plans to enter nursing school FT in a year (thus quitting their current FT job at this point).  This person hates their current FT job so much and wants to switch to something else before they go to nursing school...hopefully something in the medical field.

So what types of medical-related jobs are out there for those without specific medical training - this person does have a Bachelor's degree?  Viley - I would love your opinion on this since I think you did something similar! 

All I can think of off the top of my head is a receptionist at a doctor's office or something in medical billing...

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Re: Jobs in the Medical Field (no not for me)

  • My mom worked in a few different dr's offices and then as a nurse's aid at a hospital before going to nursing school. I think she did patient histories and stuff like that.
  • They could easily get certified to be a CNA (Certified Nursing Asst) or GNA (Geriatric Nursing Asst). Courses are offered at community colleges, hospitals and some nursing homes. I know a girl who got her CNA from Harford Community College before going to nursing school and the course was half a semester, with classes/clinicals every other weekend and maybe one night each week.

    Is the person's degree in anything science related? I have another friend with a B.S. in biology who's worked in labs at Hopkins and Union Memorial, plus has been a phlebotomist (someone who draws blood), prior to entering nursing school. 

    Have her check out craigslist under the medical section and just look at the jobs that are there, that might give her an idea. 

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  • I think Lisa&Mickey works in a doctor's office.

    There are a lot of positions- front desk staff, billing, patient coordinator.  

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  • I work in early phase clinical research (first in man studies, new drugs).  I think we have some positions open in the clinic currently.  Tell your friend to email me if they'd like more info ([email protected])


  • I am an Occupational Therapist . She could also look into being a Physcial Therapy Aide or rehab aide at a hospital or clinic . That is where I started .  There are no requirements for this job that I know of .Transcriptionist could work with a medical terminology class , transporter at a hospital ( would give you lots of insight into the setting ) . Sometimes its good to get a  job near what you will do to see if you can handle it /  still want to do it . Nursing is a hard profession , but very  rewarding too . I would love to go  back and become a PA but  not in the cards right now, i love working  in the field !



  • Chrissy I know girls who are still in the nursing program who are currently working in the hospitals working alongside the RNs...Since the RN program is only 2 years (4 sems.) I think as long as you have 2 semesters under your belt with the grades to provide to the hospitals they will let you work in the field...
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