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Neumann U

Anyone go or know anyone who did?  Just trying to get any kind of feedback
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Re: Neumann U

  • My cousin went there, and he liked it. He commuted from home, and he's kind of quiet/reserved, so he liked that it wasn't too big.  My aunt has worked in their admissions office for about 15 years now, so if you need/want any specific info, just let me know.
  • I did!  Graduated 05, as a Business Major.  Ask away!
  • cool!  we're thinking about neumann for my oldest who's a sr this year.  she's looking to enter into the nursing program, we're going on a tour, but we wanted to know what campus life is like, is the student population diverse, and what are the class sizes like? 
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  • i didn't go there but i do know some folks who have.  the girls i know loved the nursing program.  the ones that graduated in nursing are super successful and love their jobs.  campus life seemed like it was fun but it was a small school, which is great for some folks (i needed a big college).  i cannot speak too much to diversity, most of the kids that i knew who went there were graduates of local catholic high schools.   
  • I went there for my master's in ed - liked it a lot but I believe it's different as a grad student.  Lots of HS friends went there, liked it a lot, and have good jobs.  It was like 13th grade of O'Hara, but I did apply and get in as an undergrad.  I wanted to be a bit farther away though.  They have a wonderful nursing program.
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  • In my opinion, Nuemann is diverse.  However, being that the school itself is small (although expanding), it can at times be a little clique (sp - clicky??). There is a lot of locals, from Bonner/Prendie, O'Hara, in my graduating year, I graduated with 3 other people who went to the same Highschool as me, Haverford (public school).   But I was able to make new friends from these other local schools, and we often still hang out.

    I can't so much speak for nursing, but for Business, the average class was about 20-30 people, and this worked for me.  The professors were always there to help you.

     I was a commuter.  But, for those that live there, yea, it can be boring at times, but there is also parties almost every weekend at the hockey house, or the laccross house.  Neumann does also offer sports, and well as a Drama club, and some type of music thing. 


    I miss college.

  • thank you! i will probably have more q's after our visit, much appreciated!
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  • aliciajason went there!
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  • DH graduated from Neumann when it was a mere College!! He commuted from Media where he grew up so I dont think he got as much out of campus life as he would have if he stayed in a dorm, but he still had a great experience. He did business/computers but Ive heard great things about their nursing program and all his nursing friends really liked it and got great jobs afterwards.

    He LOVED how personal they are there. He is now going to Temple for grad school and is overwhelmed at how disorganized and bureaucratic it is, whereas at Neumann you could walk into the office and have one person who knew your name help you with anything you needed. If your daughter is interested in staying close, Id definitely check it out.

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