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Any tricks on getting comcast deals?

I've been looking on their site and they have a $114 a month special for the HD triple play. Anyone know the major difference b/w the regular HD service and the Sureprice? I know with sureprice there is no cost for equipment, but how much does that actually cost (if I had to pay for the equipment?)

Any other ways to get a deal besides the website? I know the development I am moving to does not have any kind of deal with them either.

Re: Any tricks on getting comcast deals?

  • I would call them.  I've found that I've been able to negotiate rates with Comcast by having them apply multiple promotions to our account.  Tell them you are deciding between Comcast and Verizon and see if they can get the price down to what you want to pay.
  • We paid $200 for our HD DVR. Then we pay $5 a month for each DVR
  • I definitely think you should call them and negotiate.  Don't give them the story about just moving here because they'll try and back you in the corner saying that's the best they can do (and they'll assume that you don't know what else is out there).  Tell them Dish Network offers you $xx price and Verizon is offering you $xx price but that you were interested in them and wanted to see what they could offer you.  Make sure though that you find out how long the contract is for though and if you move, if you can transfer service.  Or tell them that their service is overpriced and you can't afford it.  We did that the last contract renewal and knocked about $60 off.



  • Call and complain.  We threatened to leave and they lowered our rate $80 per month for the Triple Play.
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  • Always call and ask. And after your deal expires, call again. Comcast is pretty easy to squeeze a deal out of.
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