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How much space does your digital "life" take up?

I just updated all my backup stuff on my HD and realized I've got about 430G of data (not programs). That just seems kind of shocking to me... anyone else care to share?

Re: How much space does your digital "life" take up?

  • I can fit all my digital life on an 8G flash drive. That's including pictures/videos!

    I think you may need to do some serious cleaning. Indifferent

  • *LOL* Wow, Ok, that's kinda what I was thinking... I need an intervention.
  • I'm limiting myself to my 120GB HD. I would start to delete anything I didn't need after that.

  • My 250GB HD in my iMac is almost full...I want to swap it out with a 500GB, but fear the iMac a external drive is needed...but than there is a back up issue - back up my imac and the external drive? This is what I get for loving music and photography!
    "They say with time it gets better. Not true. With time you only get used to it."
  • Roughly 50 GB, but that is only photos and videos, and doesn't include anything else I would be miffed at loosing, like documents, music, and recorded TV shows.

    I think 8 GB is unrealistically low (at least for me).  I have easily that many pictures from my trip to Tahiti.  I paid a lot of money for that trip and I'm going to remember ever spec of it!  :)

  • image katydid17:
    *LOL* Wow, Ok, that's kinda what I was thinking... I need an intervention.

    I wouldn't go overboard with deleting, but unless you really feel like the things on your computer are necessary (or have sentimental value), try cutting your files in half. Your computer should run tons faster too! (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on the last bit.)

  • image zoegirlTX:

    Just estimating off the top of my head?  ~300GB???

    I filled up my 250GB hard drive, bought a 500GB (copied the 250 for back up) & then started filling up the 500GB.   Plus I bought a 1TB to back up the 500GB and my iMac.  

    ETA: most of mine are photo files.  I bought a D80 2.5 years ago & I've taken ~25K photos at ~8MB each.  We took 2700 photos on our last vacation....  Plus I do RAW, so there's that file plus the JPEG's I develop.  I have no idea how big my music collection is though.

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat.  My hard drive is only 150G, but I filled it to the brim and then some with recorded TV shows that I transfer to my iPod to watch on the bus, so I have the original, then the MPEG4... I also have a DSLR and I shoot RAW and develop big JPEGs, and our camcorder (and all the video from our vacations/honeymoon, cat doing ridiculously cute things, etc) gets dumped on there, and I have a TON of downloaded and ripped music... I could never do 8G, but I might realistically be able to squish it to under 300G by deleting the JPEGs of files I already have RAW for and getting rid of the originals of the TV shows I've converted, etc.  I think that will be my project for this weekend.  My hubby also suggested zipping stuff into folders to compress things further.  We shall see how it goes.

  • I don't know exactly, but I'd guess a few hundred GB.  Probably around 250-300GB.  Most of ours is photos, because DH and I both have had digital cameras for a while, and we travel a lot.  Since we're photo-happy, we have tons of images.  We could probably trim down a bit by going through them and getting rid of near-duplicates and poor photos, but I think we'd still have over 200 GB.  Oh, wait.  That includes backups of all the photos, so I guess we're really at 125-150GB.

    My website is at 13GB, but that includes my public photo album, which includes the digitally-edited copies of our favorite photos.

    As for actual documents, we tend to keep the originals for most things.  Tax returns, mortgage papers, etc.  The only things we keep digital copies of are passports, important immigration documents, and a few financial records.  All of that together easily fits on a 4GB flash drive.

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