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Took a hard fall on my run this morning!

Two blocks from home I bit it, HARD.  I tripped over the sidewalk and almost landed on my face.  My hands and knees are really scraped up.  I tell you what....I forgot how much scrapes hurt!  I understand why kids scream so much!!  It happened this morning and it's still stinging a bit.

The area I live in has old sidewalks which are really uneven because tree roots are growing under them.  I really need to learn how to pay attention and pick up my feet! 

Re: Took a hard fall on my run this morning!

  • That stinks!  If it makes you feel better:

    I tripped over a sprinkler head once and totally face-planted.  Good thing you don't get scrapes from grass!

    A friend of mine once tripped on the sidewalk too - and she had her dog with her.  THe dog's leash was tied to her waist.  When she fell, the dog spooked and took off - dragging my friend several feet!

    Hope you feel better!

  • Whoa be careful. I'm glad nothing broke or was sprained.
  • oh no, that stinks!! ?I hope your cuts heal soon.


    I was out for my long run a year ago - I had been having some knee pain so this was my first run in a few weeks, and when I say "long" I think I was aiming for 4 miles? ?Anyway, I got two blocks from our house, tripped, fell and sort of skidded into the street - ?thank goodness it was a Sunday and early, bc we live in the city and its normally a busy intersection! ?Anyway - my hand was scraped wide open (like it didn't scab over for several days), my knees, shins,elbows, and hips were all scraped pretty bad. ?I have no idea how I even fell so that all that got scraped. ?It was awful. ?My pride hurt the worst though!

    so, lesson is - it happens to everyone I think!?

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  • Ouch!  Glad you're okay!
  • Oh no!  Good thing it's just scrapes (although you're right they DO really hurt!) and not anything more serious. 
  • That's exactly how our neighborhood is, and I know the day is coming where I do the same thing.
    People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.
  • I trip at least once every run...but I've never gone down.

    True story: in high school, I ran track with my friend Ashley, who was like super track star.  She was graceful and tall and lean, like a professional athlete.  But this girl would do the most ridiculous, clumsy things.  Once during practice, she jogged onto a rake.  It jumped up and hit her in the face, like in cartoons.  She's also been hit in the head with more soccer balls than I can count.  She did get a scholarship for track to Brown though, so perhaps there is something to all the clumsiness...

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