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Traveling with Toddler

We are going to be flying on Saturday morning and we are taking our 16 month old son with us.  Are there any tips out there for flying with a toddler?  He has a runny nose right now too and the doctor put him on zyrtec I really hope it knocks it out but if not are there any other ways to help him with this before the flight because I don't want him to get worse with the pressurizing on the aircraft.  Thanks for all your help!!!

Re: Traveling with Toddler

  • drink (or suck) on something take-off and landing!

    bring a few favorite toys and a couple new ones

    bring extra diapers, wipes, snacks in case you are delayed (we were stuck in Chicage two days with our 14 month old...not fun!)

    bring favorite snacks and some new ones you think DS will love!

  • If he is congested then I would recommend giving him sudafed/benedryl - something to that effect (as your pediatrician).  Nothing is worse then traveling with a head cold!!! If its just a runny nose, then the cabin presurization shouldn't bother him but like the other poster mentioned, eating or drinking during take off will help his ears.


  • If he is into t.v. at all, a DVD player will go a long way in making a flight bareable!   We generally aren't big on t.v., but those rules go out the window when we travel. 

    Also, our secret weapon when we fly is lollipops on the descent.  Our girls are often not interested in drinking when they are *supposed* to drink during the flight, but they are always willing to suck on a lollipop.  The bonus is that it's an added distraction at the end of a flight when all the new toys have be gone through and the DVDs have been watched. 

    Put your DC in an overnight diaper right before the flight to minimize wet diaper changes during the flight.  Dress him in comfy layers - flights always seem to be too cold or too hot.  Bring extra water and snacks on the plane just in case your flight gets delayed/you're stuck on the tarmac.  Ask for the bulkhead, so that your DC can stand/move around a little while you sit at your seat.   If you can't get the bulkhead, ask to be put in the back of the plane - you're less likely to disturb people back there (more people with kids are there), there's more likely to be empty seats, and you're closer to the restroom. 

    Good luck! 

    [IMG][/IMG]Charlotte Corinne and Evelyn Sophia- 2/15/07[IMG][/IMG]
  • Lots of snacks and things to keep him entertained - books, toys, crayons, etc.   I usually buy a new toy or book for DDand give it to her when we get on the plane. 
  • Ditto on the DVD player, overnight diapers, and new books and toys.

    You can go to the dollar store and get a bunch of little "gifts" and wrap each separately.  Let your toddler open up a new present every half hour or so - call it an "airplane party!"  My toddler loved playing with sticker and magnet books on the plane.  Also for the littler toddlers, just a bowl of cheerios or blueberries (snacks eaten one at a time) eaten slowly can take up a lot of time.

  • Thank you so much for all the great ideas.  I think we're definitely going to get the dvd player because he loves diego and dora so that will help out some.  Great thinking with the lolipop he loves them and I'm sure he will eat that rather than me forcing him to drink.  I hope it's easier that it sounds it's only a 2 hour flight so hopefully it goes by faster than I think!!!  Thanks to all of you!!!
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