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Wish me luck

I'm declining as party planner of my sister's baby shower tonight.

My mom volunteered me when someone else said they were going to do it. She said she knows I like planning parties and thought I would want to do it. H told me last night it's probably not a good idea and I totally agree. My mental health is suffering already I think that spending that much time one somone elses baby shower would be cruel and unusual punishment.

I feel so selfish for not being able to deal with it because of my own issues but I think it's best.

I'm really really nervous. ::deep breath::

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Re: Wish me luck

  • Good luck.  And don't back down.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • I think you are making a wise choice.
  • I would like to combine Rev and Jenny#'s answer.  Don't do, don't back down and this is a wise decision! GL hun!
  • We will be right there next to you in spirit...
  • Good luck and I think that decision is for the best.
  • I personally don't see where you have an obligation to do this.  I think you have every right to decline and shouldn't have to be apologetic about it at all.

    You stand up, and say NOOOOO, but Helz No! 

    I think that D is absolutely right, and shame on your mom and sister.

    ::steps off box::

    image LIFE ~~~'34-'08 My Mom is just one prayer away!~~~ My rings were stolen, but the memories won't die!
  • Good luck, Hyfa!

    Trust me - I've been planning enough parties even WITHOUT a gazillion other things on my mind, and it's exhausting.  I can't imagine planning someone elses' baby shower with all you've been through lately. 

    And, although I know it's your Mom, seriously - WHO does that?  That is so rude to volunteer someone for something so big like planning a baby shower!  Party planning of any sort is a BIG deal - not only financially, but physically and mentally as well!  I feel for ya, babes :(

  • All your BNOTBers are there backing you up in spirit. Don't back down - they have to understand that you can't handle that right now and you're not obligated to do it anyway.

    Deep breaths! You can do this. 

  • Good for you!  If you're havng anxiety over planning it already, then it's probably a sign that you need to get out.



  • Good luck, hun! I'm sure it will all be ok and they will understand!
  • I'm not upset that she volunteered me. I really do enjoy planning parties and without recent events would have loved to do it. I just don't think I could plan it now without dwelling on my own issues. And that's not fair for me or my sister. She should have fun not worry over whether I'll go postal and start ripping paper babies in half during the party. : )
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