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WWYD?? RE: concert

We live so damnnnnn close that I can see the stadium from my kitchen yet it's a bit too far to walk because it's through the We can drive and pay for parking which I guess could be as much as $20 oooooooooor drive for 5 min to the next town over and take the train....only thing there is that the train goes in the complete opposite direction with a change over to get back to just about where we started for 1.75 each/each way. we would be in transit for over 45min But the advantage is beating the traffic and not having to pay so much. [Poll]
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Re: WWYD?? RE: concert

  • Have a neighbor drive you over. If it's only a minute or two, it shouldn't be a big deal. 

    Getting back, however, I can't help too much with.

  • I went to the U2 concert there last week and it was a biiiitch to get out of there by car when the concert was done.  It was an hour just to get out of the sports complex.  Once we got out and hit the highway it was fine.

    So it might not be worth it to drive because of how long it will take you to get out when you live right there!


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