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Anyone else suffer with migraines??

Ever since I started law school I have been suffering with migraines.  I see a neurologist and am on Relpax for the really severe headaches.  But, the problem is that the Relpax is so damned expensive, $119 for 6 tiny, little pills.  My insurance does not cover it b/c it contains a chemical that they don't approve of or some bull like that, so I'm stuck paying that much.  I have called around to different pharmacies and the cheapest is $119.  Does anyone know of another discount pharmacy around town?  I have called Majoria's, Folse, Walgreens, WalMart, Target, Rite Aid, CVS, etc. 

Suggestions would be great.  I live in Harvey, work in the CBD and go to class Uptown, so I really don't care where the pharmacy is as long as I can save myself money and the headache of it all (no pun intended)!  Thanks.
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Re: Anyone else suffer with migraines??

  • Have you tried C's discount pharmacy in Metairie?
  • ugh, I hate migranes.  I had one yesterday.  It really didn't go away. I'm surprised I woke up pain free this am.

    I don't have any pharmacy suggestions for you.  Have you tried Imitrex?  Maybe ins. will cover that.

  • I get them really bad, and I have found that imitrex is great! My insurance covers that so it might be an option for you. Ask your Dr.

    Other than that my grandmother always got her prescriptions from C's Pharmacy on veterans or Majoria. They are almost always the cheapest. But you might also want to check the sam's club pharmacy. They usually have good prices too.

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  • I also find the Imitrex works well. However, if you want to use the Relpax, ask your doctor if they have any samples. The drug reps give all of the doctors samples, and even if your doctor doesn't have any now, they can request some the next time their representative comes to their office. My OBGYN gives me samples of my birth control all the time!
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