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Question for those who have/had midwives

Did your midwife do internal exams?  If so, starting at what point?

I had my 38w appointment this morning and I still haven't had an internal.  I didn't ask her about it, but people keep asking me about any progress, so now I think it is odd that I haven't had one.  I am guessing that they just don't do them because they don't like to give false hope that labour is going to start soon?!?!

What was your experience?

Re: Question for those who have/had midwives

  • Mine didn't do them until I went overdue. They don't like to do them before that because progress or lack there of really doesn't mean anything. But once you go overdue they are all up in there everytime you see them.
  • I think many providers are starting to shy away from internals now, as, like my doctor said when I was pregnant, "There's no point. You're either dilated or your not. Either way, at this point, it doesn't mean anything. Someone can go from 1 to 4 within hours or can sit at 2 for days and days."

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  • Thanks girls, that is what I figured.

    It is fine with me that they haven't done any, but so many people have asked me about my progress and they thought it was odd.

  • This whole internal thing sounds incredibly uncomfortable. I hope your babe decides to make an appearance before you have to experience them!
  • I didn't get one till I was in labour.  Like the others said, it's pretty useless.  People can go from 0-10 in a few hours.  Or sit at 4 cm for a month. Of course, my MW would have done some if I would have asked. But I know the #s are misleading.

    I'll definitely not bother next time, too.  #1, they hurt like heck, #2, there's a chance of infection.  A small chance, yes - but a chance I'd rather avoid.  

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