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So we put our house on the market today, and within 5 minutes (i'm not exaggerating) our dream home got an offer on it.  We know the offer is not what the bank wants and they are counter offering, so there is a chance the deal may fall through, but it sucks it sat on the market for 2 years and now there is interest.


Seriously bummed. and now i have to go present an oral argument in an hour for one of my grades and i am so distracted that i am sure i will suck...

Re: Bummed

  • Oh, girl, that sucks.  Buying a house is so stressful.

    I'm sure I could heap a ton of platitudes on you but that wouldn't actually make things better.  Here's hoping the other deal falls through!  It could totally happen!

  • CONFESSION. Clearly I need to learn to move on and let things go....

    DH's boss likes to buy properties for rental properties (he has more money than he knows what to do with so it helps with taxes). He is also a very close family friend and considers us basically family. Jokingly at a party last week i mentioned he should buy our dream home and DH and I would rent to buy, in a very joking manner.  He seemed interested but it was also over cocktails and all was pretty much said in jest.

    I asked DH to ask him again about it but in a serious manner but DH said he wasn't 100% comfortable with that.

     I check email and DH's boss happened to email me today. In my response, i told him about house situation,  and saying i am seriously interested in our joking conversation about the house.  I included two jokes on both sides of it, but i am desperately hoping he bites at my comment and brings it up to DH tomorrow at work.

     How pathetic am I? I need to be an adult and realize some things just don't work out, but I swear i am not giving this house up with a fight...

  • If there is even a snowball's chance in hell that something could work out with his boss, I'd have swallowed my pride and done it too!

    Good luck, I hope something works out.

  • So,

    DH and i decided tonight to go ahead and make an offer on it. We have to to make to contingent upon the sale of our house, but hopefully it will be higher than the other offer and we promise to finance through the bank so that way they will make the interest money. 


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