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Hi! I was just reading your post below and see you and your DH both found jobs before relocating. My DH and I are trying to relocate to Arizona (I am from CA) but I feel like it is so hard to get a job when you are from out of state. Do you have any hints or tips?
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Re: **regslpp**

  • Humm...hints and tips. My H is a computer programmer and he put his resume' on dice, and a whole bunch of people contacted him interested in hiring him. He talked to a bunch of different companies and used the offers he received to bargain with the company he wanted to work for, and will be working for. I happened to fall into my job b/c they saw my resume on career builder, and I happen to be in a feild that is WAY under staffed.

    I would say definately put your resume on lots of websites under AZ jobs. We got lucky that the company H will be working for is paying for our move out there, that saved us upwards of 6K. I would just be proactive and keep trying. H and I were willing to move out there first if that's what was required to get a job there.

    H also applied for jobs all over AZ, we just got lucky and ended up with jobs in Tucson, our first choice. Just don't give up and keep trying. I hope I have helped you in some way.

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