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Moms of toddlers+

How are you (did you) potty train your child? How long did it take? How old is/was your child? How many accidents did they have per day on average? Details would be greatly appreciated...I'm dying here, lol.

Re: Moms of toddlers+

  • DD's first time on the 'potty' (a bowl from the dollar store) was at 10 days old. She pooped and peed immediately. There was no stopping her from there.  :)

    We changed our last poopy diaper at 8 months or so...  A few months after her birthday she was diaper free/accident free during the day.  and at 19 months she was fine at night, too.

    So this is no longer the norm in our culture (it used to be!)  However, where are you guys at?  Have you gone cold turkey into underwear during the day?  What are the issues?   

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  • Julian was 3.5 yrs old when we started seriously trying to potty train.  That is b/c this is when he finally showed us interest.  We went cold turkey and just got rid of diapers completely during the day.  The first week, he had about 2 accidents per day.  When we went into our second week he did excellent and had no accidents at all.  We are now working on bedtime potty training with big boy underwear.

    The only thing we found that gave him the incentive to become potty trained quickley, was to tell him that he couldn't go to school until he could wear big boy underwear all day without any accidents. 

  • Ugh, we're suffering here too! Jakob pooped on his potty for the very first time last week - and then pooped again in his pull-up, at preschool. *I* know that it won't be smooth sailing, but my husband's having a harder time realising that doing it once doesn't mean it will always be done. I'd so like to have a bit of diaper-free time before #2 is born Tongue Tied
  • Thanks for the questions and advice everybody.  After another terrible day at daycare and a lot of resistance here at home, I'm going to put the brakes and give it a little more time.  We're all so involved in the dynamic of having another little person around the house right now, Neve included, that it's just not working out.  She's not interested and resistant at worst so we'll wait a while and try again when she shows a little more of her own initiative.
  • Sloane has been daytime trained (so long as I am around) for about a month now.  She expressed an interest in using the toilet and we went from there.  When we were starting, she was really good if she wore panties (or sometimes, no pants at all). She would be a little lazier if she wore pull-ups, so I didn't use them much.  We also did not use a potty.  She has a seat on the toilet in her bathroom but she will happily use the regular toilets in the rest of the house fine.

     We are now working on getting her to go on the toilet consistently when I am not around.  If she is at home with our nanny and she is allowed to go without pants so that she can do it all herself, she goes on and off the toilet fine and never has an accident.  However, if she is with DH, my mom or the nanny and they to help her get her pants down, she completely freaks out, pulls her pants up to her armpits and insists that she will not go until mommy is we still let her wear a pull-up when I am not around. 

  • Noah started sitting on the potty at 7 months... doing EC like MorroccoJade. but around 10 months-18 months, we totally slowed down since he was way more mobile. he would sit on the toilet or potty a few times a week. but at 18 months I made more of an effort... going diaper free - no pants either, for quite a few months. Now that he is 25 months, he is fully trained during the day... wearing underwear. night time training is much more difficult for me. And... we didn't wait for him to show us that he was interested, we just took the daytime diaper away, and kept him aware of the potty/toilet.

    for Jeremy, we started EC with him from day 4. I'm pretty lax about it right now, but I catch about 1 pee a day on average.


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