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WWYD? My Furniture saga continues.

Okay when we last left off I was promised that I would be contacted the day after labour day.  It is now the 28th  and I called them only to be told that they have decided that the couch is just normal wear and tear and they aren't going to do anything about it.  They have decided that they are no longer going to send anyone out to look at the stuff and they are going to close the file.  They decided that they were going to do this a while ago and that was why they didn't call me.

The guy who has been out to my house is an outside contractor and this is EXACTLY what he said they would do when he called them to tell them the love seat is broken.  He has never heard of a case where the furniture was replaced when he couldn't fix it anymore. Well guess what.  Normal wear and tear is what I have been told. 

I tore a strip out of the girl I was dealing with.  I hate the phrase "Well I guess we just assumed the other person would have told you"  and "Well I don't know why he would say something like that"  I think that's all they know how to say there.  

I told her that I wanted to speak to her boss and she gave me his number.  I told him what was going on and that my baby gut stuck inbetween the two halves of the love seat and I had to push on the couch to get her out,  that it could have been much worse than it was. That I will tell everyone I know not to buy from them if a lifetime warrenty means 3 years.  "Lifetime" doesn't actually cover anything except adding money to their bank account. That "if it can't be fixed it will be replaced" really means we will find whatever excuse we can to not honour the warrenty and blame you for it and trust that there is no way you will speak to a lawyer over a couple thousand bucks.

He said he will look into it and call me back today but if there is nothing wrong with it then they won't replace it.   But to be honest it sounds like a simple fix and they guy they contracted probably just didn't realize that's what it was.

My furniture is falling apart,  it's crap,  I don't know where to go from here if he says no.  We can't afford new furniture and as soon as Scarlett is on the move we can't keep this stuff anymore.  Any suggestions?


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Re: WWYD? My Furniture saga continues.

  • I have no suggestions - but I'm so sorry that people are being such PITAs about this. 

     Customer service is abysmal nowadays.

  • That sucks, I'm sorry :( I'm nervous now about the $87 we paid for our 5 year warranty at the Brick. Do you mind if I ask where you bought your furniture?

    You can find amazing deals on furniture if you're patient and you shop around. We had this old metal-and-glass dining room table, but after Ethan could walk around he was trying to hang off the glass top. The whole table almost toppled over on top of him so we decided we had to buy a new one. We lucked out- Superstore was having one of their end-of-season furniture blowouts and we got a nice, solid wood, six-person dining room table for $30. Seriously. Just last month we decided to look at new couches and shopped around like crazy and got a beautiful one at The Brick for $495 (regular $1100) during their 38th anniversary sale.

    Other than that, the only advice I could think of is small claims court... you don't need a lawyer for that. HTH! Good luck.

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  • oh my goodness what a big mess!! my only suggestion maybe is to buy a used couch, and a slipcover of some sort? then at least it's not a safety hazard... that sucks!!

     by the way, I thought of you this weekend when we stripped the wallpaper in our foyer and found a million holes and a really bad patching job :S

  • A friend has really good luck getting good furniture for cheap on


    Do you know a lawyer who could write a letter for you?  I know when we were having problems with our warranty furniture it finally ended with me calling almost daily for updates.  I just decided to piss them off as much as they were pissing me off until they resolved it.  I did finally get my furniture replaced. 

  • Send an email to Ellie Roseman at the Toronto Star.  She goes after the companies that try to get out of their warranties. She also is a huge advocate for proper customer service. She also has the proper contact lists for all the major companies


    She was awesome when our dishwasher broke and was able to get a serviceman out for free. When i  was told your warranty expired yesterday. She actually called head office in Tennessee who looked after everything.

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