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Do you have a MyTouch or G1? If so how do you like them.
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Re: T-Mobile

  • I had the G1, and I really disliked mine. It was slow, lost battery fast, froze all the time and just wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I know my friend has one and she loves it. Maybe I got a lemon, but I took it back and got a blackberry.

    Though we're not happy with T-Mobile


  • We both have T-Mobile (I've had it for two years, the wife has had it for 6), and my wife has the MyTouch.

    While I did not like the G1 when I played with it in the store (didn't fit in my hands well, hard to type), both she and I absolutely love the MyTouch.  She's not much of a smartphone person, but found the MyTouch extremely easy to use, and the Android OS is very customizable.  I'll definitely be getting an Android phone to replace my Blackberry Pearl Flip when my contract is up, and we definitely recommend the MyTouch.

  • I had the G1 and liked it. It got a lot easier to use as time went on but I upgraded to My Touch and I love it. It's smaller, feels better, and works better than the G1.
  • My close friend had the G1 and he got rid of it quickly- its got a funky shape so its not pocket friendly and there are just other "better" phones on the market.

    I'm a rebel- I've got an unlocked iPhone with TMO service.

  • I have the G1 and love it.  I wish the battery life were longer and it was lighter, but that's pretty much it.  When it is time to upgrade I will definitely get another Android phone. 
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