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LSAT woes...ehugs welcome.

So I just took my LSAT.  Since all of the seats at my school (BU) were full, I had to take my LSAT at UMass Boston, which is pretty far away.  So I figure, no problem... I'm driving and I've got GPS...well wouldn't you know?  The LSAC (Law School Admission Council) printed the wrong address on my admission ticket.  Just my luck.  I was driving around lost for almost 35 minutes until a jogger helped me find out where I was supposed to go...on an entirely different street!

So, needless to say, I got there in time, but just barely.  I was so frazzled by the time the test started, I blew the first half of the test.  I managed to pull myself together and ace the second half.  So overall, I don't think I did terribly, but let's just say, I doubt my score will get me into Harvard.

So now I'm crying and hating the fact that even after months of studying, I'll probably have to take the test over again in December.  And I can't even cuddle with my boyfriend.  He's sick and at his place taking a nap!

I need a hug! 

Re: LSAT woes...ehugs welcome.

  • Aw so sorry to hear that.  Here's an ehug your way.  Remember that everything happens for a reason and that at least you got there on time rather than too late to even be allowed to take the test.

  • You can always take it again, but hopefully your score will be good enough to get you accepted to the school(s) you want.
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  • I'm sorry to hear.  You may want to cancel your score and retake it in December, but go ahead and have all your apps in way before you take the LSAT, and then the schools will hold the apps and look at them as soon as the score comes in (the LSAC will send it automatically).  Or... you can wait an admission cycle and retake next June so you have a backup for next September/October exam.  Remember you can only take the exam 3 times every 5 years.

     I took my LSAT in June 2009, and didn't do as well as I hoped to (158), but well enough to get into a lot of schools (I have no Harvard  I was going to retake it today, but overslept and missed the exam.  Embarrassing.  But, I wouldn't have done much better so I'm not sweating it.

    I would absolutely call the LSAC on Monday morning and let them know about the incorrect address.  You don't want someone else having the same experience!


    Its not the end of the world if you have to retake it. Since its a strategy test and not content, you really won't have to study all over again.


    Best of luck. I bet you did better than you think you did!

  • If you are really worried cancel and retake.  It has been a few years since I took the LSAT but I seem to remember it not being looked upon favorably to retake (even if you did better) but that might have been a different test.

    LSAC did the same thing to me and I stayed the night in a hotel in town.  It was a much better option and maybe something you can consider if you choose to take it again.

  • 1. I don't get how you know that you did badly? ?You don't get the scores back for several months. ?I could kind of guess how I did after, but since its percentile graded it was hard to predict.

    2. If you think you did badly, cancel the score and re-sit in December anyway. ?Book for BU early (I did undergrad and took the LSAT there) ?Law school applications have been going up dramatically, the LSAC releases all of your scores, and having a low score will hurt your chances of admission despite what some people may tell you.

    3. There is a female counselor in the law school admissions office and I can't remember her name off the top of my head, but she was the best and I adored her. ?Definitely have her help you with your application, I found her incredibly helpful.?

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  • It might also be really useful to have the extra time to study....I think I studied for 4 months and my score went up 16 pts during that time.
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  • I remember my angst over that thing.  You can retake the test, they will average your scores together though, one score does not replace the other.

    Drinks forget hugs, have a drink!

  • If it makes you feel better, now is not the best time to go to law school anyway. The job market is HORRIBLE and I think it'll take some time to rebound.
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  • I took that merciless sonofabitch 3 times.  3

    Contact LSAC and see if you can cancel your test. 

    If not, nowadays most schools are taking the higher score, so just take it again.  You'll be fine!

    Oh, and my first LSAT experience was similar.  COmplete w/forgetting my ticket, can't find an open kinkos to print it, find one, cant get the computer to open the pdf, barely make it on time, etc.  It sucked. ...

    ... but I graduate law school in December :-)

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  • image asboomer22:
    If it makes you feel better, now is not the best time to go to law school anyway. The job market is HORRIBLE and I think it'll take some time to rebound.

    I have to disagree.  The ABA Journal just published an article stating flat-out that there are not enough attorny positions for the number of students coming out of law school.  Anyone going to law school needs to seriously weigh the costs (literally) and benefits of the education.  A lot of attorneys regret the decision.

  • Ugh -- what a nightmare!

    I had a friend who got sick the day before the GRE's, after months of prep.  She took them, but felt it went so poorly that she almost checked off the little box that says, "Hey -- don't grade this and forget I ever took it.  Send me the packet to sign up for the next test offered."

    She did do poorly, but took them again and redeemed herself!  Bottom line is she went to her grad program of choice and the GRE nightmare was soon forgotten.

    Hang in there!

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