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Safari users, come in!

I use Safari and anytime I get on the internet and try to do just about anything it closes out. ?I have sent the Error Report to Apple (which doesn't do jack for the problem I'm having) and I have tried restoring the default settings and also restarting my Mac.

Any help would be appreciated, TIA!?

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Re: Safari users, come in!

  • Do you have any addons installed?  Have you updated it completely?  Are you running Snow Leopard?

    My Safari used to crash all the time (so badly that I switched to Firefox) because I put Pith Helmut on it to block horrible ads (actually these big animated ads from The Nest!).  It was so deeply on there that I couldn't pull every trace of it off.   Finally when Safari was updated two times ago, it worked again.  

    Or you could just have a unique problem entirely!  I'm very sorry, that's so frustrating. 

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  • I had the same problem last night actually.  I don't have any addons installed.  I let it close, waited a few seconds and then re-opened.  It probably happened three times last night and one other time in the ~month I've had my Macbook.
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  • No add ons, it's updated, and I don't know what Snow Leopard is, so I don't think I have that!

    I ended up downloading Firefox to use instead of Safari.  Whenever I opened up Safari this morning, it is still closing out.  I guess I'll just switch and that will be that!


    Thanks for your help ladies!

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